must have hit a vein


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Latley the glute shots i have been doing ive been hitting veins and coughin like a little girl and sweating like mad.. Maybe its time to go back to the quads or maybe the delts. I aspirate and only once have i pulled blood back into the syringe and i always pull out change the needle and go for a different spot I hate doing it to makes you feel like shit
you're probably passing through veins on the way in or hittin blood vessel or somethin while you're in there... and when you pull the pin out the gear is hitting the blood stream which is going to give you the cough and sweats... only happens to me when i shoot tren in my glute... it sucks but something you gotta deal with
yup you're passing through something... just try moving the needle to different spots back there and maybe you'll find one that doesn't hit... i had that happen to me when i shot tren and i almost passed out from it... the tren cough hit me and i ad to sit down for 10 mins