My 2nd...test only


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Hallo I'm a newbie in this board.
I post here my 2nd cycle so you can criticize.

At the beginning:
Bf:~9.5% plico...

start 5/26
1st SUSTA 3x (750mg)
2nd T.VIRON100 5x (675mg)
3rd-7th Galenika t enth. E3D (600mg)
8th-10th T.VIRON250 E3D (600mg)
11th T.Phenylprop. 5x(500mg)

(tot. 6.725g test)

2-11th Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) 500IU E4/5D
Nolva on hands.
Femara to keep bloat at the end
Clomid post th.

actually about 3500kcal
350g carb
320g prot.
90g fat

4 splitted workout/week

so the cronichle:
feelings of nervousness, ansia Oily skin after some days. Slow increase in libido.From wk2 recovery time shortened. It seems that my body temperature was setted to an upper level, I sweat so much.Slow increase in size and endurance(I can workout for more than 90' with great determination).

At 6/23 W:~200lb mainly appear water.But the skinfold have only a little increase(about +1mm).
All sound strange 'cause it seems that my strenght & libido increase is stopped.I'm starting to doubt for the Galenikas.(I'm sure for the VIRON & SUSTA) that comes right from my pharma.I'm waiting for the kick in but it seems that it does not happen. :(
I'm tempted to shorten the interval between injection.
The only good things of the story...
No gino sintoms or hairloss. be continued...I hope.