My 4th cycle ... need ur help guys :)


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hey guys hope ur ok
I finished my last cycle 3 month ago which was 750 test e,500 deca,mast 100 eod, anavar 60mg and Dbol first 5 weeks the cycle was 12 weeks long oh forget to mention 4 iu of GH every day for 3 months throughout the course

I gain about 15 lb of lean mass

now I'm about 183 lb and 9-10 % bodyfat
I was thinking to start a new cycle .
As this :
1-15 weeks Test C 750mg
1-15 weeks equipoise 750mg
1-5 weeks Dbol 50mg ED
1-10 weeks tren act 100 EOD
6-15 anavar 60mg ED
10-15 Mastron 100 EOD
3-15 weeks Hcg 500iu weekly
18-20 will be my PCT
novledx loading dose first day 60mg then 40 mg for 14 days then 20 mg for another 14 days
clomid loading dose first day 250 mg then 100 mg for 14 days then 50 mg for another 14 days

Any suggestion will be appreciated :blue: ??
Your PCT is too short for that suppressive of a cycle IMO. Id drop doses and extend it for longer. Also you are lacking a dopamine agonist to help stunt the prolactin rise from using tren. Also i dont see an AI? Are you hoping that the mast will be enough?

Id say its a start but you really gotta get ur ancillaries dialed in.
Why did u previously run gh for only 3 months? How tall are u since u weigh 180 some lbs? Is more, better?
Get yourself an AI and DA agonist because of the tren, chances are you may not need it if you were alright with that dose of deca, but I don't like taking chances.

Look into toremifene for PCT.
id run your dbol for 6 weeks.. personal preference, is your pct 4 weeks or two? if its 4 i don't see why theres a problem with it. good luck mate!
That's quite the laundry list of compounds! Honestly it's a complete waste to use so much gear at once. If you were to stagger the compounds only stacking two at a time it would work extremely effectively. This size of cycle should really only even be considered by a +10yr pro whose going to be ON for like half a year with the intentions of looking like Dwayne the Rock Johnson. Even then, He couldn't seriously expect to make it to see His 55th birthday 20years down the road without stroking out or having a couple heart attacks years after something like this. It's a bit of a death wish for your heart. Experienced users can get away with these amounts because use over time can possibly increase one's ability to intake more juice and effectively put it all to use inside their body.

Your diet and training is what will make your results. NOT tons of juice. The juice just makes it happen exponentially quicker. A simple Test/Eq or Test/Tren cycle with effective guided training and diet would produce what you're looking for and much easier on your body long term. Just my .02