My Best lean mass cycle ever!


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This has been my third week. And FFFOOOUUCCKKK this has been the best cycle I have ever done. I know I might get flamed from this. But I have left the land of Test. I was afraid of all the bloat and zits and evil oil cyst that covered my face before. I wanted to avoid the bloated zit face I was so prone to. Now I have found the formula. I know this cycle looks crazy. And so simple. older cycle consisted of tren/test/dbol. But I feel for lean mass this is the shit.

50mg of 1 test liquid mixed with 35mg of Tren qd mixed in a 1cc syringe.

The one test does leave a sting thou. But not as much when mixed with the tren. I have kept my chiseld facial feature (zit free) with engored arms and shoulders and chest. I have never experienced anything like this before. I was afraid I was gonna lose my sex drive but dammit I cant let go of my dick! Fouck I love it!
I would have thought the 1 test would sting like a SOB. That cycle shouldn't be much different then suspension/tren. Keep us informed how things go.
Good luck bro.
ouch.. well i guess not..

have you ever thought of 4ad? a few people have used that as an inectable and gotten good results.. with tren it would be even better...

good luck
lol I find my self surfing to the sex forum every damn 5 minutes or to, or I knew about 4 test but I wanted it all lean mass. Even with 1mg of armidex with dbol and test I still slightly bloat but dammit the zit cyst is a fuckin nightmare. Ill update. I just got up 4#s since I started 2 weeks ago but every # is very noticable due to no water retention. Very quality gain. I didnt make my own brew by the way they were premade by It was the early batch. Too bad they contain lemon flavor now. But I ordered the last 5x20cc of there last 1 test. There one test is suspended in sesame oil with out an ester so it is very fast acting. The strenght seems to increase every work out day. The tren and 1 test seems to work great together.
Now for the sides
umm None except for the pain. It will sting the site an burn it for about 1 minute. After that its all good. Not bad. I know prop would have completely paralyze the site. The pain would be intense but in a short time and very bearable.