My concerns about Clenbuterol and stimulants


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I love to use the following stimulants: Thermarexin and Amplify02.

I have yet to use Clenbuterol and I'm considering adding this eaither post cycle or while on cycle.

How does clenbuterol react with drugs like Tren and suppliments like Thermarexin and Amplify02? Is using all three at the same time a bad idea? Those who are familiar with the above, I'd love to hear from you.
clenbuterol and tren made my calves cramp horribly if I ever trained them. luckily my calves are big enough from being a former fatass, so I usually skip training them anyway. As long as I constantly drink water throughout the day, I never have a problem with hamstring or back cramps on the combo.

be careful if you take any fat burning products that contain yohimbine with clenbuterol, as yohimbine is a MAOI and will dramatically increase the effects of the clenbuterol.
Vegas said:
The main concern would be a dramatic increase in your blood pressure.

this is no joke and happened to me the other night. currently on tren, clen, and take amp-o2 daily. got in a hottup for about an hour with this girl and when we started making out i got light headed and had to get out. i got dizzy when i stood up and had really strong palpitations.

she is an EMT and for shits took my blood pressure and pulse rate;

160/108 and 94 respectively AFTER i was out of the tub. at this moment im 11% bf and do .5 hour intense cardio everyday. That was the last day i used the clen and im just very happy ive been dosing a daily aspirin.

keep an eye on your BP guys.