my contest cycle......


New member it goes....I was at 250 at a pretty high BF when I started so I started real early for an April show.......this is my first contest....

Weeks 1-8 75 Fina ED
Weeks 1-8 50 Winstrol (winny) ED
Weeks 6-12 500 Sus
Weeks 6-18 800 EQ
Weeks 11-14 50 Winstrol (winny) ED
Weeks 15-18 100 Winstrol (winny) ED
Weeks 11-14 75 Fina ED
Weeks 15-18 150 Fina ED
Weeks 12-18 50 Drol ED (weeks 15-17 75 ED)
Weeks 11-13 25 T3 ED
Weeks 14-18 50 T3 ED
Weeks 15-18 Halo (not sure of the dose yet)

Weeks -4-6 3 IU's GH
Weeks 7-10 4.5 IU's GH
Weeks 11-14 6 IU' GH
Weeks 15-17 9 IU's GH

Ancillaries......Nolva, Aromasin, Proviron, ALA, Tylers liver detox... is kind of a messed up cycle but I didn't design it.....originally it was designed by a National Masters competitor for my good friend who's training me for the show......he won the light heavies at the Eastern USA's and will be running the same cycle for the Jr. Nationals this summer.....He looked unbelievable so I couldn't argue with success......
no test for the first 6 weeks, my wife would kill me if I did then as theres no way I could put out.....
Nimrod25 said:
GH works best the longer you use it, doing it on and off will not yield the results everyday use will.

I guess I wasn't clear....I started 4 weeks before ther cylce and plan to stay on for a very long time after the shows over at 4 IU's ED.....
The only thing I dont understand is why your only using Sustanon (sust) for six weeks. Why not use prop, your already doing ed shots anyway.