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My Current Test Cyp/1-Test Cyp Cycle

Original Post is missing so I have condensed and copied from another forum.

Little late posting this but here goes.
I'm staring week three of a Test cyp / 1-Test cyp cycle.
Planning to run ten weeks.
Test cyp 250 mg/wk two injections
1-Test cyp 300 mg/wk three injections
Aromasin 1 tab every third day.
Goals are to add a few lbs of lean muscle and harden up a bit.

Beginning stats: 43 years old 6-0 208 around 15% b/f.
Beginning week three, so far so good. I'm up around eight lbs. Slight increase in b/f noticible around abs(just slightly less definition). Believe this is due to increased appetite, and increase from low to moderate carb diet.
Strength is increasing with each workout, and
pumps are noticably better. Also, muscles feel harder and fuller.
Libido is good.
Starting today will add Lipo 6 and CLA to help keep down b/f.
Training Split:
M chest / biceps
Tu legs / abs
W back / triceps
Th shoulders / traps
F abs / forearms / light bi's and tris
Sa off
Su off
All in all pleased so far

Update Week Four:

Not a lot of change in weight. Only up two pounds from last week(to 218), but b/f is dropping a little bit. No sides.
Strength is still increasing with each workout. Getting super pumps. Doing either 5x5 or pyramids for compound movements and am very pleased with strength increases so far.
Switching from pre-made 1-test cyp to making next batch myself.
We'll see how it goes.......

Week Five:

Well, I have no doubt this stuff is for real.
Right now I'd rate it closely behind Tren w/o the sides and daily injects.
Up a couple more pounds, with a noticable loss in b/f the past two weeks. Starting to get a little more vascular.
Strength continues to increase, as well as muscular endurance.
Start my own batch tomorrow....
Last edited: long as you are making gains and are happy with everything, then it's all good. Make sure to keep this thread updated as you go on through your cycle.
Week Six

Ok, made 100 ml 1-test cyp last week. Powder from 1Fast400
and oil/solvent mix from Dazed. Had to heat it a little more than I expected to get it dissolved, but it finally did. It is 100 mg/ml.
Did 1.5 ml, totally pain free.
Weight stayed about the same this week, but still lost a slight bit of b/f.
Strength is still increasing as is muscular endurance.
Still no sides that I am noticing.
The only problem I'm having is a bit of tendonitis in elbows, probably from the increase in curl weight.
On the other hand, some usually bothersome shoulder pain I've had in the past has subsided. For the past couple of years I've had major pain doing incline presses, and last week I set a new PR for incline dumbell presses.
I'm still very pleased overall.
Not much new to report.
Due to one reason or another I had a bad week of diet and training.
Back on track this week, gonna run this one another 4-5 weeks.
Increasing the 1-test to around 375-400 mg/wk this week, and see what happens.
Ok, Week Nine Update
Up 16 lbs total so far.
Strength is still increasing a little, but the largest noticable increases came between weeks 5-7.
Still no side effects that I'm seeing.
Right now I'm trying to decide whether to extend the cycle with 4-AD cyp (I'm out of test cyp), run the 1-test cyp alone for 2-3 more weeks, or stop at 10 weeks and start PCT.
Man I hate to come off.
From 10/27/03

This will be my last week.
Gains have really slowed at this point.
Ran out of test cyp and replaced it w/ 4-AD cyp@ 1200mg/wk the past two weeks
Actually picked up a little more b/f than I would have liked the last couple of weeks, due to only being able to lift 3x week.
Up 18 lbs overall. Noticeably bigger, and had very good strength increases in all lifts.
I'm leaning toward Nolva and Clen for PCT.
Don't care for Clomid at all.
Any suggestions there would be appreciated.
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make sure you have everything before you start so you don't "run out" of test cyp
Normally I would, I only planned the cycle for ten weeks, but decided to continue it because it was going so good.
Just a quick update.

I'm three weeks into PCT.
Nolva 20 mg/day
Clen 80 mcg/day
Just finished bottle of Nutrex Vitrex @ 6caps/day.
Phosphagen HP 2x day
250-300 gm/day protein
2/3 tbs/day Flax/Olive Oil

One week after my last inject I topped out at 228 which was an even 20 pounds gained for this cycle.
Today I'm at 226. So far my strength is almost the same level as the last week of my cycle.
Only problem is a slight loss in testicle size.
They do seem to be rebounding a little though.
Overall Ok so far, I think.
how would you compare 1 test cyp pro hormone stuff to the real thing??

Simply put, 1-test is the real thing. It is not a PH. Unlike PH's it does not require conversion in the body to become an active compound.

I would rate its qualities, lean mass and strength gains, closely behind Tren, without the negative sides a lot of people experience on Tren.
It does appear to be quite superssive though.