My EQ-only cycle-Week 5 results....


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I am using QV EQ at 800mg/week (front loaded 1000mg for first 3 weeks) I am trying to cut up and get stronger. I am dieting properly, meaning I am not eating pasta, bread or any bad carbs. I am having brown rice, yams, oatmeal, etc...healty shit. Protein intake is about 1.5 grams per body weight. I am sleeping well (8-9 hours) So far absolutely no strength gains, No real size gains. I have noticed slight toning in my upper body, nothing spectacular.
Now its only week 5, does it take longer with EQ? The reason why I'm only doing eq is thats all I can take with my hairline. Any thoughts of why my results are not that great?
Well, it sounds like you are at maintenance.
If you were on a negative calorie diet the EQ would prevent muscle catabolism.
If you were at 2g+ per lb of body weight and on a nice anabolic diet (exact number depends on your lbm, but 4k is an estimate) you would be getting bigger.
Then again, EQ takes 4 or 5 weeks to kick in, and without a strong androgenic base you won't see the water retention that accounts for a lot of the early gains.
What I would do is wait another week or two, and if you are not getting results, modify my diet to either build muscle or lose fat. That's assuming your stuff is real.
I'm 99.9% sure its real, my mood swings are getting worse and so is my friends. my buddy is on week 7 and he is getting more veins on his arms. But I do agree with what you said about maintenence. I just thought it was something else. Sure I can up my protein intake, but wont this turn me intoa fat dump. I mean unless I just used isopure most of the time right. to get 300grams per day.
forget the isopure bro, just eat real food... and ration out your meals. eat either fat or carbs with the protein, but not both together, and you won't get fat.

don't be afraid to eat more of those good carbs u are eating to put you above maintenance.... Anabolic Androgenic Steroids (AAS) increases your insulin sensitivity. also a good way to get those extra calories would be with flax seed oil. just do some research on nutritional breakdowns for anabolism...

ripped1979, when I did eq. at 600mgs/week I got the hunger about week 2-3 but didn't start noticing dramatic changes till week 6 or so. Thats when I noticed slow/steady lbm increase and the vascularity was insane. Be patient ripped, you will love your results. :D
ripped1979 said:
Sounds good guys, but what about the EQ is it doing its job?

EQ normally kicks in about the 4-5th'll start to notice it better in the next couple of weeks, why EQ only though?
How's the sex drive? I'm gonna be doing an eq only cycle very soon.. but I'm starting to think about adding a little test to keep my sex life happening :D
EQ is very slow due to the fact that there is less estrogen. therefore you dont get the immediate water gains and less fat.
800mgs a week? I was going to use 300mgs a week for 12 weeks damn. Should I not expect good results with 300mgs a week? I will be using EQ only for the same reason as he is. How is your hairline thus far?
I think you'll definitely see results with 300mg a week but you might wanna bump it up to 400 if you can.
Guys, just wanna say you've all inspired me to continue this cycle. I had no idea that it can take up to 8 weeks to see dramatic results. I will increase protein intake. along with some flax seed oil.
When I start my EQ D-BOL cycle, Im just going to eat all that I can. No calorie conting for me . Ill just make sure i have enough protien(300-400gm) and eat like a pig. All heathier foods of course . If i gain to much fat wieght so what, I will slowly lose it over the winter
Ifrit said:
800mgs a week? I was going to use 300mgs a week for 12 weeks damn. Should I not expect good results with 300mgs a week? I will be using EQ only for the same reason as he is. How is your hairline thus far?

As an alternative to what LAWNSAVER said, you could throw in some (250mg/wk) testosterone with some finasteride if it's solely the hair you are worried about.