my gf is trying to lose lbs

Jay C

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ok my gf is set on losing 10-15lbs. she is trying to lose it because of me. she thinks that because i have barely any bf that i think she is fat. its not the case though. i love her and i dont care that she isnt a fitness model, although it would be nice to see her that way. and dont get me wrong she is no where near being fat. she is 5'8" maybe 9" and 125-130 lbs. shes set on losing weight.

i told her just to watch what she eats. well that doesnt happen, and since we are apart during the summer i cant watch what she eats for her. her friends eat nasty shit and so does she. well her and a friends started some METABOLITE or life shit two weeks ago, it gives her the shakes when she hasnt eaten in two or three hours. i found out about this and made sure she wasnt using ephedrine, and she wasnt.

well she is discouraged and now looking into Xenadrine EFX, and Hydroxycut(she said hydroxycut is too expensive though)
Im confused on what to tell her. i want to help her lose the weight she wants, she is behind me 100% in helping me gain all the muscle i want, and she doesnt complain when i eat 5-6 times a day.

Any suggestions as to what she could take and how to excercise, she is walking a lot and doing some upper body training. if she works her legs too much she will have huge thighs, i saw pictures from when she was in HS and she was a high jumper and ran track, HUGE MUSCULAR LEGS. its really weird, anyways.

and just for reference i know what guys use to cut down, T3, clen, Winstrol (winny), and EQ. but what could woman use. and dont worry i am not getting my gf started on AS, or anything of the sort. I wont buy it for her and she hasnt got the money or the determination to stop eating shit food yet.

thanks anyone for helping. you are making my life so much easier!!!
nevermind i read all the other posts from the frantic bfs. thanks. ive learned alot here on this womens board. i looked around when i was here and im suprised and happy to see women on the board learning mroe. keep it up ladies.
Sweetie,anytime you have any questions, please feel free to post them okay? That's what we're here for. If your gf's got a computer, try getting her on the site.