Help with wifes training / Supps / Diet


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Hello all. First off, I am a male with decades of experience in the realm of male bodybuilding and supps use but have no clue on how to direct my wife. She is 35 and has had a horrible year with a severe infection related to a tummy tuck that resulted in 7 more surgeries! She is healthy again and ready to jump back in. She has been lifting solid and needs advice on diet / supps. Here are her stats:

5’ 9” 181lbs

She is holding excess fat in her butt, back, and thighs.

Her goal is a transformation. She would like to get to roughly 140-150 with a nice musle tone.

Available to her:

She is ready to jump in to the aas realm and has anything she needs at her disposal including 1-Test ( a promising compound for women i believe), VAR, HGH, Etc. And all ancillaries / clen /t3 etc.

What do u guys suggest in cals, macs and aas guidance?

I realize that most agree you cant cut and gain at the same time but she has seen me do exactly that after coming back from a broken back. I just dont know how to guide her the same way.

If u guys need more info please hit me up. She deserves the right info and a shot at getting what she deserves. Im just a lost husband who doesnt have the answers for her. If there is someone that would be interested in speaking with her via cell, text, or an app lik KIK or WhatApp let me know. Thx a ton!!!!!!


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I think body weight can be a bad thing to use as a measure for success. If you're restricted to weight classes in a sport it matters. I think most of us have a visual goal over a body weight. I can't really recommend anything for women but if you scour this sub-forum you will probably find your info.

Any steroid that is androgenic will have the potential to have effects like deepening of voice, increased body hair and enlarged Clitoris. Testoserone use is very low dose in females.