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Ok so i stRTED AT 235 32%BF I AM NOW DOWN TO 195-198 AT 18% BF. age 36 5'9

I have no desire to be huge, i want a lean athletic look. my cardio is in place diet is good, what i was going to try to do was

Use winstrol depot eod 50mg to keep my body from being catabolic. i have been dieting since jan23 of 2006 . So my thoughts are the drug works best going into a catabolic state which at this point i am sure i am as the diet has lasted so long.

Will my plan work to help me train harder gain maybe 5 t0 8 pounds of lbm and therefore increase my metabolism and help me lose my last 10 pounds of fat., more muscle = more calories burned
I know winnie does not burn fat but am i correct that i could lower my calories substantially while using this and get me where i want to be and keep any gains made in the lbm area or is this unrealistic
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Check out my var log if ya like, not tried Winstrol (winny) but heard it can be a bit harsh on teh hairline
lucky dude don't worry about hair... jesus... i hear a lot of you guys complaining and i don't get it... don't use gear if you don't want the side effects... going bald being one of them... you have 2 choices...

1. use gear and possibly go bald
2 don't use gear and postpone your going bald

all the Anabolic Androgenic Steroids (AAS) are going to do is speed up hair loss... if you're worried.. shave your friggen head... if you're that worried DON'T DO JUICE.. simple as that
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