My SARMs S4 Cycle Log


Hello everyone, I like to post my log here since there are so many members here, I am still on the cycle so I thought some people can benefit from my log.

This log is not intended to promote the product or to use the product, it is simply for educational purposes.

The following is what I have logged already, in some paragraphs it may not make sense because its copied from an existing log, but I think you will get the point.

Age: 49
Height: 5' 9"
Weight: 205 lbs

i decided to start a log on my first cycle of SARMs, this is my first cycle of any kind so not sure how will my body react. so far i am on my 4th day at 75mgs ed and no changes, i will increase my dose next week to 100mgs. i am still cutting so i am on a strict diet. everyday i intake 300 grams of protein or more, 200 grams of carbs, and 50 grams of fat. so far i think i have been able to maintain the muscles i have and loosing fat at the same time, i am hoping that i can increase muscle by doing this cycle. I’ll keep you posted.

i am using Lion's SARM
I also like to mention that i have right elbow pain and left shoulder cuff pain, and unfortunately a minor case of hemorrhoids due to heavy squats which seems to be going away. my last elbow (left hand) pain lasted 6 months to fully recover, so we'll see if SARMs will help my right elbow heal faster this current elbow pain is 3 weeks old.

blood pressure, is good.
endurance seemed better,
worked with light weights but felt more pumped than with my normal weights.
did a 20 minute cardio after workout and felt i can go more
i have elbow and shoulder pain but seemed to be able to tolerate the pain better

I can’t compare it to anything since this is my first cycle of anything.

Okay, at 75 gms a day now i feel something i never felt before, first i think the vision thing is kicking in slightly, but not something i would worry about at this point, i also feel i can do more reps.

Today i did my routine chest workout and felt easier than usual, my last reps which is 4th of flat DB press i usually fail at 6th rep, now i went all the way up to ten, so there is something here. my wife made a comment that i look a little muscular and little tighter, i still have about 1" think fat around my belly but she noticed its tighter around my body, if that make any sense! Anyway i am still in the early stages on this and was thinking to increase to 100 mgs a day, but if this stuff keeps kicking at 75 then i'll just stay with that. i asked Lion about the dose and he was hesitant to give me a definite answer, but he also said that his stuff is potent and 50 mgs a day would be a good start. i'll keep you guys posted...

Just finished my Triceps workout and I felt a difference in three areas, strength, endurance and less pain in my elbow and joints in general. I was able to do more weights at least by 20% more and still felt like I can go more, but I am not going to push it, I don't want to tear anything...tomorrow is my rest day, so I’ll be back on Tuesday.

BTW, I also felt pumped up more than before.

Today is my rest day, but still did one hour cardio. i must say that my elbow pain is getting so much better, like i said the last similar elbow pain took months to heal, this one seems to be going away fast. I’ll keep you guys posted on that.

BTW, starting tomorrow i am increasing from 75mgs to 100mgs a day.

so far so good, joint pain was the main reason i wanted to do this. I am actually feeling good, lighter on my feet and seems to have good energy throughout the day. but the real results is how I feel when I am done with the cycle, so we'll see. today I’ll be working my shoulders and legs, I’ll report back tonight after workout...

PS. another thing I want to mention, I have been sleeping much better, I used to wake up every 10 minutes toss and turn, now I wake up when the clock goes off. Maybe that’s why I feel I have more energy through the day…

i am glad its working for me especially for my joints. i will be running this cycle for 5 weeks, now i am at 100mgs a day, and so far so good, the vision thing is still very mild, but everything else feels great, my body feels younger. i am almost 50 and the other day one of my friends who hasn't seen me in 3 months was shocked how i transformed my body, he said that i looked 20 years younger. great feeling to know that my hard work is paying off...

no i never cycled before, this is my first time, so even if it does the slightest thing for me i will be happy. today is my biceps day, which been my weakest due to the forearm muscle pain, so i am looking forward to see if i can go back to my normal weights.

PS. due to my BF% my chest drooped a little, now I have noticed that its firming up and getting rounder, somewhat lifted, not sure if it’s the S4 or just because I am burning fat. I will post a before and after photo if my after photo look decent enough!

Today being in southern California its very sunny, and when i entered a well lit restaurant it was a little dark but a minute later it became bright. this scenario usually happens anyway, but was more noticeable to me, but my mind could be playing tricks on me due to the fact that its been mentioned.

i can't tell you how great i feel, i only worked my chest one time since i started the cycle and my chest feel tight and looks more rounded. i just hope this will not stop here, i am hoping that the effect keeps increasing so i can get better results. if i like the end results i will start another cycle in 3-4 months after this one.

PS. i really didn’t expect my chest to tighten up due to the fat around it, so I guess I don’t have to worry about gyno. So far so good.

Okay folks, I have a surprise for you guys especially for over 40 guys like me…

But first let me tell you how my biceps/back workout went today. I am beyond thrilled, I am really liking this stuff, I’ve never felt so pumped before, I felt like my biceps were going top explode, and didn’t even do my normal weights due to my forearm muscle pain, I could have done more weights but didn’t want to take the chance, my last injury took months to heal. My body feel sore as heck and I just finished about 30 minutes ago, I just couldn’t wait to get on here and tell you guys how it went. The before photo was taken 6 weeks ago, and the after just 15 minutes ago, you be the judge.

The surprise, the first 20 reps warm-up bicep curls felt a little discomfort in my forearm, after that there was almost no pain, and now I feel no pain whatsoever, where before S4 I couldn’t sleep from pain, now its almost gone, I can’t wait to try BD flys after tomorrow, I haven’t done those in over 6 months due to shoulder injury, but like yesterday I tried few cable flys and there was no pain at all, so I am vey excited. Tomorrow is rest day for me, I always like to rest before chest day. So far so good, I’ll keep you posted. BTW, I am almost 50…

PS. This is the first time I got a Charlie horse on my right calf doing pull downs, and I was doing 20 lbs more than normal, so strength is up for sure.

I still have lots of BF, my goal by 6/21/2010 will be down to 10% or less.

Okay, I need to do a quick report regarding my elbow pain also the vision side effect. first the elbow pain, this morning as expected I felt a little pain in my elbow but only at a specific spot, where before it was all around my elbow, so that’s a good news.

Vision side effect, last night was the first time I’ve noticed it kick in. I was working on the computer in my bedroom and the lights were off, so basically I was staring at the computer screen for about an hour or so, when I turned it off and went to bed I couldn't see a thing, the window blinds were open and there was light outside coming into the room, whatever spot I looked at it went dark but could see from the side of my eye , for example if I looked at the widow directly there was nothing, but as soon as I rotated my eyeballs away from the window I could see it clearly. it took about an hour to get my vision back to normal where I could see everything in my room and nothing went dark when I looked directly at it. during the day I am fine, it seem to be a minor problem (more like annoying) only in this situation. I feel great today, my biceps are sore more than ever and I am loving it.

PS. I also noticed soreness in my chest and probably from doing back exercises but never before felt sore like this. I may not look it but I feel tight, as if my skin was shrink wrapped around my body. great feeling.

also like to mention my weight loss has stopped, I am weighing the same since I stared, I was loosing 1 to 2 pounds a week. I haven't changed my diet, so this could be muscle gains, but not sure yet.

Okay, just thought its important to report this, i just got back driving over one hour at night, a little uncomfortable because all the incoming headlights looked yellow tinted and was confusing especially looking in the rear view mirror, but still was manageable. today is my rest day and my body still feel very sore, i was on fire today and just wanted to rip the weights up and do my chest workout, but managed to restrain myself and just take the day off, i am all fired up really and can't wait for tomorrow, chest workout. So far so good.

PS. I didn’t get enough sleep last night due to the energy drink, so I felt really tired today and somewhat lightheaded, but we’ll see how I feel tomorrow since I am going to sleep now and hopefully get a good night sleep.

Okay, here is my report for today’s chest workout. I was all fired up and ready to rip the weights.

I started with DB flat press with 45 pounds, then did 60 pounds up to 12 reps, that’s 4 more than my usual, then another 8 reps of 60 pounds which I normally don’t do, then finished it with 50 pounds 12 reps. Felt great.

My highest for incline DB was 40 pounds, I did three sets of 12 reps at 45 pounds with no pain. Also increased the angle by 10 degrees.

And finally for the DD exercises I did the flys starting at 15 pounds 20 reps, no pain, then increased to 20 pounds 12 reps, no pain, then finished with 30 pounds 10 reps at a slight incline. Felt great but with little pain, nothing to worry about.

Finally I did cable crossovers and the only pain was at the right elbow, but still was able to finish my three sets with no damage. Its funny I didn’t feel the elbow pain when I was doing biceps!

Overall, I had more strength, stamina and less pain, I feel as if my joints are really healing. Another good workout.

Yesterday was my triceps day, it felt good and was able to do more weights than usual. Everything else has leveled it seems, no increase in strength, endurance or energy, but still feels one step ahead. The vision thing is still the same, yellowish tint and it takes about an hour to adjust in extreme light to dark. But during the day is tolerable, no other negative side effects. I look a little leaner but have not noticed any fat loss, the scale still says 203-205 and have been at this weight for about a month or so. I am still at 100 mgs per day.

Today is a rest day from lifting, but did a one hour cardio and the energy was great.

Thanks Scooby.

Okay, just finished shoulders and legs, I was able to add 20% more weights and felt fine throughout, I felt I could do more weights but wanted to play it safe so stayed with the 20% increase. I feel the fat around my chest is melting faster than it was before the cycle, however the belly fat seems to be the same. I am looking leaner for sure, and no major pain so far. The elbow is doing much better, still minor pain on the right elbow tendon but no where near what it was before the cycle. Shoulders seem to be doing really good. Vision still the same as my last report. Blood pressure is 105 over 68 and heartbeat at 94 bpp (normal is 117 over 73 and heartbeat at 75 bpp), I just finished working out, so I am still cooling down. I am still sweating more and easily just from simple movements. Skin still very clean, no acne. Libido still normal perhaps more than normal. So far so good.

PS. Also my mood has been really good, no sign of aggression whatsoever.

Just finished my biceps and back workout, it went exactly the same as my last workout, so there is no need to repeat.

i really don't want to interrupt the cycle, and the vision thing is not all that bad, and will go away after i am done.

in my previous report i stead no change in fat loss around my belly, well today i weighed 208 (that’s 3 pounds more than my weight) and the belt felt a little more lose that usual. so i guess the fat around my belly is melting as well, not sure if its faster with S4, but it is melting. i am most impressed how fast the fat around my chest is going away especially around my nipples.

i am taking 25mgs every 4 hours four times a day, i was thinking maybe 50mgs twice a day, but I’ll do that on my next cycle to see if it makes any difference.

i like to wait at least four months before i do my next cycle. and depending on my results from this cycle and blood test i may start with 150mgs per day. but after that and hopefully by June next year I’ll be at or under 10% bf, then I’ll consider serous gear, i don't know what yet.

Yesterday was my rest day from lifting, I only did one hour cardio.

Today, I just finished my chest workout, it felt great again, I used the same weights as last time but all exercises felt much easier, again I did 12 reps of the 60pounds DB flat press, I think I will upsize in my next workout, maybe to 65 pounds, I want to make sure I don’t rip or tear anything. As I mentioned before regarding my shoulder injury that I couldn’t do chest flies, last week I did DB flies, well today for the first time in over six months I did cable flies at 25 pounds on each side, and felt no pain, I could have gone more but again I wanted to play it safe. I believe the S4 helps joints and perhaps speed up recovery of torn muscle and tendons, I say this because my shoulder pain is almost gone, and my elbow tendon pain is disappearing slowly but much quicker than my last elbow injury on the left arm. My chest looked pumped up more than usual and even my son who competes with me said “wow” when he saw me afar workout.

PS. As I said before, I still have way too much fat around my chest and belly, but my chest looks much rounder than before and leaner. the transformation is much quicker with S4 in my opinion.

BTW, I wasn’t comfortable in posting my pics because I still have allot of work to do, but I think it is important to show you guys where I was and where I am now, so I am posting a pic before I started dieting and one from few days ago. I don’t want you to get disappointed thinking I’ll look like Jay Cutler or Ronnie Colman when I post my pic after this cycle!!

i think its important to tell you that even though my chest workout was easier last night, i am absolutely sore to the core today, so that means i got a good workout despite how easy it felt. another thing i like to report is the vision side effect. my last report was that it took about an hour or so to get my vision adjusted after i turned the lights of, now its not adjusting at all. i woke up around 4:00am and still couldn't see the window when i looked directly at it, but as soon as i turn away i see it from the side. so the vision is getting worse, however during day its fine, its even fine at night when the lights are on, its only when I turn the lights off to go to sleep.

SARMs may not do much for younger people but for me it did what i needed, relive or maybe healed my joint pains, have more energy and strength for sure. i don't know hope to compare it with anything else since this is my first cycle of anything, perhaps maybe that’s why i am pleases so far, but i know its not going to put allot of muscles, but just the fact t hat i can lift more and get sore for days is great

anyway, i just finished my triceps workout, wow...better than last time, i increased the weights by another 15% and no pain whatsoever. here is a photo i just took right after triceps workout,

i need to report this even though yesterday was my cardio only day. last night i felt the pains for the vision side effects, literally. i went outside while the lights were off and tripped over a chair, it hurt like son of a btich, even my son who was walking with me looked at me like (how in the hell you didn’t see that chair!). also went driving and it was terrible, the only thing i could see was where the headlight were pointing. so driving at night while on SARMs is not recommended.
as far as i have read yes, and according to Phate who ran this cycle his vision went back to normal in about 5 days after he stopped, he had it worse than me, i think because he was doing 150mgs a day, i am doing 100mgs a day.

Today was my shoulders and legs day, but decided to do biceps and back, I was able to increase 10 pounds more than my last workout on the cable curls, same pain on the right elbow but very tolerable. So far I don’t see major gains, but definitely strength and endurance.

Yesterday i did shoulders and legs, strength still good but no increase since last workout. vision problem is getting annoying especially at night when i turn the lights off. i can't wait to finish this cycle, i want to see if my joint pains will come back and if the strength gains will stay. normally i rest before chest day, but my chest feels great and completely sore free, so I’ll do chest today, triceps tomorrow then rest one day.
i should have rested today! i could barley finish my chest workout today, i normally rest one day before chest day but decided to workout without rest anyway. Regardless i got a good workout, my chest is pumped and already sore. no pain in the joints whatsoever, just the expected minor pain from heavy lifting. i did flys with more weights and felt great, in fact my last set was about 9-10 rep to failure. i am still hovering at about 205 pounds and my belt still feels comfortable or the same when i started.

great triceps workout today, my normal weight stack is 120 pounds which is 12 stacks, last workout i went up to 14 stacks, but today i went up to 16 stacks and my feet kept coming off the floor, great stamina and strength. My chest is killing me today from yesterday’s workout, sore as hell. I love it. Today was very noticeable that my belt was loose, almost wanted to pull more but there were no more holes. So this means I am loosing fat and gaining muscle for sure, because I still weigh the same perhaps a little more. I believe the effects are showing now more than ever, I almost don’t want this cycle to end, but I got to take a break and get my vision back to normal. so a longer cycle in my opinion is the way to go if you want to gain muscle. My next cycle will definitely be three months maybe with a lower does.

PS. Either my syringe was off or the bottle didn’t quite have 30ml of S4, my second bottle is almost empty, this puts me in three weeks and two days for two bottles of 30ml, which means I was dosing an average of 130mgs per day. Also like to mention the first week I dosed at 75mgs per day, so the rest doses could have been more than 130mgs per day.

okay folks, since i am seeing a spike in S4 effects in the last few days, I decided to do another 3-4 weeks. so my log will my chest is still sore as hell and i am loving it, the pain on my shoulders and right elbow is virtually gone, this is the reason why i am continuing this cycle. i will do a blood test in few days just to make sure things are okay. i'll keep you all posted. Today is my rest day.

My vision is crappy, only at night though, but I think the benefits outweigh the negatives, so I’ll continue...

another thing i keep forgetting to mention is, my muscles are rock solid, they never felt this hard, i even asked my wife if they felt hard, and she was amazed how hard they were. After tomorrow I’ll take another bicep photo and compare it to the one I already posted and see if there is any difference in size and physique.

This is what I have logged so far, so from now on it will be new posts. I will post a before and after photo when I get a chance.
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no problem...

today i will be doing biceps, i am hoping i can do more weights. we'll see how my right elbow holds up. i'll post my results tonight and hopefully a photo to compare it to the one i took 2 weeks ago.
i was only able to increase the weights by 10 pounds, but overall it was a good workout, i could have gone more but my right tendon was starting to hurt, so i didn’t increase the weights. now the tendon pain was constant before S4, now i only feel it on the first warm-up set, after that no problem. here are photos of today, not sure if you can see a difference compared to the last one! BTW, today was my biceps and back, back feels sore already.
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BTW, i ran out of S4 this morning, so i only took 25mgs today, i guess i wont be getting my two bottles until Monday, hopefully. we'll see if i feel any different without it for few days.
great shoulders and legs workout today, even though i ran out of S4 for few days i added more weights, the only pain i felt was around my right elbow, but again very mild. Now i got the S4 and will continue for the next 3 weeks or so at 100mgs per day.

PS. Just thought I’d mention it, i think I was about 2-3 days without S4 and the vision did not improve, I think it will take longer, perhaps 4-5 days, I hope! The new S4 tastes different, kind of like fiberglass glue, not that I tasted fiberglass glue, but it tastes like the smell of fiberglass, if that make any sense!
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i was only able to increase the weights by 10 pounds, but overall it was a good workout, i could have gone more but my right tendon was starting to hurt, so i didn’t increase the weights. now the tendon pain was constant before S4, now i only feel it on the first warm-up set, after that no problem. here are photos of today, not sure if you can see a difference compared to the last one! BTW, today was my triceps and back, back feels sore already.

Nice pics, bro. Do you have some before pics you can throw up? Also, how old are you?
Nice pics, bro. Do you have some before pics you can throw up? Also, how old are you?

the only before and after photos where it shows a major difference is before I started my diet and now. I am almost 50, 5'-9" and weigh 205. lately I did loose some weight but I’ll give it few more days to see if its real weight lose or just water and food.
Chest workout today, i felt pain on my right shoulder as if i injured it on my last workout, it wasn't as intense as i expected or even the same as the last one, but still got a decent workout, more intense compared to before the cycle. this new S4 i got is making me feel better, not sure how to explain it, but kind of lighter on my feet. all my vital signs are still in top shape, my blood pressure is 113/73, this is great for my age. my heartbeat is still the same, no signs of testicle discomfort, acne, gyno or anything like that. the night vision really sucks, this the the only thing i can't wait to get back to normal.

Today I added 10 more pounds doing cable flys, basically I went up to 30 pounds on each side, this is great since I wasn’t able to do it at all even with 5 pounds. I also did 60 pounds x 10 on my last set incline press DB, my max before S4 was 40 pounds, but the rest was the same maybe a little more as my last workout. I think I will increase the dose to 150mgs per day starting tomorrow.

PS. The weight loss is confirmed, I weighed 201 this morning which is less than what I weighed couple of days ago or so. My chest feels bigger, my arms look more muscular and strength still good if not better, so this tells me that I am still burning fat and maintaining or gaining muscle. I bought a scale that reads body fat as well, its not close at all but I use it for a reference, I check my BF after I take a shower and its been reading very consistent, when I started two weeks ago BF was at 30.1% then kept getting less and less, and now its reading 27%, so this tells me I am burning fat. I still do intense 30 minute cardio 1.5/3.5 minutes for 30 minutes in the morning on empty stomach, and 30 minuet low intensity cardio after workout. My diet has not changed, 300gs protein, 200gs or less carbs, and less than 50gs fat, lots of greens. I eat 8-10 times a day, and don’t count calories.

Sorry for the lengthy report.
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60 pounds total on the flys not 60 on each side, sorry about the mistake. i will correct my above posts as well.
Hmmm, not sure but i am not as sore as the last two times after chest workout! my right rotator cuff was bothering me all night, damn it i think i pushed too hard. Also for some reason my right elbow pain was more noticeable during the night, not sure what this means, probably i pushed it too hard as well. anyway, i started my 150mgs a day this morning and we'll see what happens.
Thanks for the great info keep it up!!!! Looks like SARMs S4 is having a great effect on your strength gains, and surprised to see you are losing weight as well. Great to hear your personal experience this sarms sounds amazing. Keep the info coming.
Thanks for the great info keep it up!!!! Looks like SARMs S4 is having a great effect on your strength gains, and surprised to see you are losing weight as well. Great to hear your personal experience this sarms sounds amazing. Keep the info coming.

glad to log my experience bro...
Great triceps workout this evening, same weights as last time, endurance is good and strength is stable. I am noticing looking more leaner, even colleagues at work made comments.

I got the word that this new S4 is more pure for one...the COA on this batch came back at 99% purity, which is very awesome... plus every batch comes out slightly different, depending on the amount of flavoring used. I was told to shake very well before every use. Tomorrow is rest day, Cardio only…

PS. Few people mentioned irregularity in the bowel movement, like diarrhea or soft stool, in my case its soft stool, but I stopped eating flax seeds and started eating one head of celery every day, and my stool has normalized even with a 150mgs ed. So far so good.
Glad to see a well informed s4 log. I have been looking for some experience with this stuff. I hear its supposed to be similar to a test cycle without having to do a post cycle therapy (pct). Glad to see your getting strength results. Are you seeing any difference in your stamina?
Glad to see a well informed s4 log. I have been looking for some experience with this stuff. I hear its supposed to be similar to a test cycle without having to do a post cycle therapy (pct). Glad to see your getting strength results. Are you seeing any difference in your stamina?

yes stamina is excellent.