My SARMs S4 Cycle Log

The discussion of s4 suppression got my attention on this thread, great thread btw man nice work!

Have any of you guys experienced s4 suppression?? I'm about to start S4 next week with GW

I'm running MK, then staggered stacked into GW and S4 I'm running DAA and forma on cycle and post cycle. I also have a bottle of HCgenerate on hand in case I need it.

Here's my thread if you want to know what I'm running:
sup brah.

just some questions

thinking about starting a cyle of sarms s4 from RUI

1) before and after pics?
2)gains? loses after coming off the cycle?
3) 1 bottle = 1 cycle?
4) pct?
5) how did you dose?
6) noticeable side effects?
7) overall rating of product out of 10?
8) are sarms steroids? will it be detected in a test?

this is me now

never cycled anything before. have taking bio forge test boosters, whey, multis, fish oil, weight gainer , creatine.

sorry for all the newb questions btw. i been googling stuff for the past 2 hours and dont really get concrete answers and prefer to ask someone who has used it.

my goal is to gain more muscle and remain lean. will s4 be my golden brick road? lol thanks