My Secret To Not Getting Any Acne During My Cycle Or During Clomid Therapy

The Almighty

Banned. Put the Board in jeopardy.
I performed a little experiment on myself during my last cycle as well as during post-cycle therapy.

My cycle was:
Winny 50mg/ed
Fina 75mg/ed
Prop 100mg/ed
All for 7 weeks.

I have just finished up my clomid therapy...and to this day my acne is pretty much non-existent. This is strange for me especially, considering I usually look like a horny 15 year old when I cycle. did I not suffer at all from acne? It is easy:

#1: I washed my pillow cases every 3 days. I never slept on the same pillow case more than once without washing it.

#2: I made a point to never lay my face on the pillow. I either slept on my back or folded the pillow in half so that when I slept on my side my head would be supported without the pillow touching my face all night long.

In the middle of my cycle I was wondering whether or not my new habit was really the reason why I had no I went ahead and made sure to always sleep on the right side of my face for 7 days without washing the pillow covers. The result? As you can imagine, the right side of my face looked like shit while the left side stayed clear.

I highly urge you guys to give this a try if acne causes you some problems during your cycling endeavors.

BTW, I have not touched any B-5, Accutane, etc in at least 8 months. The only cosmetic aid I use it Neutrogena face wash twice a day.
I can totally believe and back what you are saying. I started washing my sheets and pillow covers 3 times per week, due to allergy and sinus problems. Now that I think of it, my facial complection has never been better.
yep, also don't use the same towel/washcloth/handtowel for weeks on end till they can stand up on their own; change them 2x a week or more too.
The Almighty said:
Indeed. It is a strategy that is so simple I cant believe I didnt think of it before.

yep, otherwise you might as well dry your face off with dirty gym socks and sleep on your sweaty gym shorts :)
I guess for the chest and back guys just wear a freshly washed cotton shirt to bed each night,same theory I spose.

Interesting observation I'm gonna try that. I'm in my second week of proviron, cyp and eq and my face looks like shit.
Yes changing pillowcases often is what I do as well.

As for trying not to sleep on my face (I'm a face sleeper...on my stomach that is) I cannot avoid that as I always wake up that way. I'm going to have to tie me down next time.
Shit I get hold of anything I can to fight acne straight away, I dont mind paying a small price tag to prevent my face looking like shit but ill have to try that... good post!
I get acne on my back, chest and arms, not on my face.

Accutane for me from now on, B5 helped but not enough.
Mudge said:
I get acne on my back, chest and arms, not on my face.

Same here. I sleep on my side/stomach, face against the pillow, and my biggest on-cycle acne problems are on my back.

I could stand to change my sheets more often though...
i might invest in a pair of ankle grippers and just hang from the roof like a vampire, durefire way to avoid acne , btw any one tried that nivea face wash= marine extract works wonders