Nair Hair Removal

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Learning the Ways
i know this isnt a supplement but i had no idea where else to ask about this...i shave myself completely and its getting anoying to do every other day so i was wondering who here uses Nair... i saw pics of some one on the pictures of members that basically had a completely naked pic of himself just covering his sack and stuff with his hands and they were pics of him completely covered in nair and after pics... i was wondering if it works good and what areas do you want to avoid using it on and how long does it take for the hair to come back
I've used Nair for the past year and must say it's a lot easier than shaving. I've used it on my chest, arms and back so far. The first time it's a little sensitive afterwards but you get used to it after a couple applications. Just make sure you leave it on long enough before wiping it off.

As far as how long it takes hair to grow back I think depends on the individual. Mine usually starts to grow back within 5-7 days. Hope this helps.
I've used Nair in the past and found it to be too much of a hassle. That and the fact that even after leaving it on a while it didn't totally remove the hair, and I ended up shaving anyway. It's just Mach 3's for me...