nandrolone phenylpropionate


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nandrolone phenylpropionate

Whats the word on this stuff? I only have heard of it from one guy.What kind of doses should be used with this stuff. How often to inject. Thanks for any help thrown my way. :D
You should inject it ed or eod. It's the same steroid as deca with a shorter ester. I have never used it so I can't comment on what a good dose would be. I would imagine 100mg ed would be good though. Unless this would be a first cycle then 50mg ed would do the trick I'm sure.
jenaka's NPP is dosed at 100mg/ml @ 10ml vials...i injected 1 cc ED and the results were phenominal...hardness,vascularity and tightness were all impressive within the first week and strength was consistently increasing thru the whole cycle...excellent compound IMHO and very underated...
i was thinking of deca. but due to people complaining of hard HPTA shutdown, i am going to use a shorter ester so it (hopefully) will not effect my HPTA as much as deca.
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anyone have any bad typical deca sides? I was also gonna use some during my next bulker.

you know...although the nature of the compound itself is similar,the sides are very deca dick while on NPP and no feeling of PROGESTERONE sides,even though i was very sensitive w/ decanoate @ 200mg / week...NPP will give you all of deca's benefits immediatelly and any sides that will occur can be controled easily...the only side i experienced while on NPP,was that i had a hard time cumming...but my girl didn't complain one addition,oilier skin than usual but that's to be expected...the shut down was rough,BUT W/ PROPER CLOMID SCHEDULING I WAS FINE AFTER THE 3 WEEKS OF
i thought this compound was called dynabolon. it is a fast acting deca that needs to be injextes at least eod. i used it a while ago and had some pretty good results
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thanks mak

you're welcome...durabolin is the brand name,but if you're canadian,there's a 10cc vial @ 100mg/ml made by jenaka...the product's consistency is excellent...i would recommend this to anyone looking for EQ 's properties,just that much faster...hardness,tightness,vascularity,no bloat,etc...strength gains increase steadily,nothing dramatic but CONSISTENT...