Natural Test Boosters?


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Is there any good natural testosterone boosters you could use to help with post cycle. Does any pro-hormone supplement work?
Pro-hormones arent worth the money. A few years back there was a big hoopla surrounding studies showing zinc might have an impact. Im sure if you search on google you can find some of the studies and come to your own conclusion.
A good prohomrone stack will cost roughly twice as much as a good steroid stack. Good=results. There are a few good tribulus products out there: Nutrex's Vitrix, Biotest's Tribex, and Syntrax's FUZU.
Right now I'm doing a 8wk cycle of Anavar 40mg ed. Going to use Nolva post cycle. I was just looking for something else to help with the recovery. I don't want to take Clomid because I have enough problems with my eyes. I figure being 36yrs old it might be alittle harder to get the test flowing naturally again.
Doing 40mg of Anavar (var) shouldnt shut me down to bad, How should I cycle the Nolva at the end?