need advice on 2nd cycle


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hi guys,

im planning for a second cycle(first bulking cycle) in the fall.i like to plan way in advance to get my supplies ready.i am planning to do:

test enan/cyp-400-600mg
dbol-25-30mg not sure of dosage yet
tren or deca?

which is better to put on bulk?.they say tren is stronger...
i've used tren/winn, test on my cutting cycle and had no problems..
i know i get/make tren cheaper than deca..jsut like to hear input which folks prefer to bulk with....thanks..
That's a tough question to answer. If given a choice between tren and deca, I'm always going to pick tren. It is so much stronger than deca, gives you a harder look, better for strength.

However, for me it gets harder if you are making me decide strictly based on how much weight you will gain.

I'm still going to stick with tren.

And there is no doubt that I would prefer to bulk with tren, but it is hard for me to say that tren will put on more weight than deca.

Your cycle looks good either way.
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perfect bulk cycle IMO. If you use deca that would be a classic cycle which you cant fail on. I know too little about tren. Wish i knew more.....everybody says it kick ass and makes you hard. Just as i want it. Will be follow this thread too.
I prefer tren in that cycle with test.
Maybe you would have bigger gains with deca, but your body would look better with tren.
2nd cycle

I was thinking about starting my 2nd cycle.. Someone told me you are supposed to rest the same amount of time you put in. I was on a 10 week cycle... So do I rest 10 weeks after last shot? or 10 weeks after PCT?? any help would be grat.. thanks =)
IMO If this is your first cycle of bulking I would just try Sus 250 for ten weeks, but thats just what I think the first cycle should be.
Also you should take 10-12 weeks off after cycle ie. last shot.