Need help with 3rd cycle


Hey everyone, great board you've got here. I need help with my 3rd cycle. My 1st one consisted of 250mg Test/wk for 6wks and my second consisted of 500mg test/wk over 8 wks. Now here is my new proposed cycle.

Wks 1-10 400mg EQ/wk
Wks 1-10 400mg TestEnth/wk
Wks 6-12 50mg Winstrol (winny) EOD

My primary goal is to put on a lot lean body mass with as little water retention as possible. My stats are 190lbs 10-12% bf 6'0''. Thanks for your help!
welcome bro the cycle looks like a very good 3rd cycle but make sure you have your clomid/nolvadex for post cycle recovery
StoneColdNTO said:
Welcome to the board bro !!

Cycle looks might want to think about upping the Test to 500 mg/week
you had to stand me up didnt you hammer:bash: , ps i like that new avatar a lot better bro :)