Need help with some mexican HCG


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Well, its not for me but a friend of mine. I got some Tiajuana. Not sure of the name. It comes in a box with 2 10ml bottles one is I take it bac or sterile water and the other with the powder. It is 10,000iu. I take it that means 10,000 per cc??? Anyway after he mixes it should it be refridgerated or what. Sorry I have never used it just clomid and nolvadex for me.
That means the powder is 10,000 IU's. It doesn't matter how much water is added. After it is mixed, it does need to be refridgerated...
They keep in in the fridge in the pharmacy, even before mixing, which is what I do too. The box says to keep it under 23C (74F), most "room temp" meds say to keep under 30C (86F).

If he's taking low doses 500IU, he'll probably want to mix it with his own sterile water 10CC's or so (I think there's only a couple of CCs in the vial that comes with it) so that he can dose accurately.