need some diet help guys


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i need some imput on dieting down. how low should the carbs drop?

i am eating real clean right now . my main staples are chicken,egg whites, lean beef, turkey more chicken and did i say chicken yet lol. rice,oatmeal, etc,etc. been staying away from the junk. my biggest thing is how low should the carbs go? i love carbs

i am now doing cardio 3 days a week will be adding tren and dropping the enanthate in the near future.

will run clen also.

any input and advice will be greatly appreciated. this will be my first time trying to diet down so i can drop bf. i really want to see what my body does.

sincerely house
I'm so surprised no one has posted on this one being as there seems to be so many people that love the no carb diet.
I myself can't go too low on carbs or I feel like absolute shit!I don't even really know what percentage I take in in carbs each day cuz I don't count calories.
Honestly, it all depends on your body. My rule of thumb for leaning out, is to stay with the clean carbs when I eat them. I don't eat bread and when I feel like having pasta, I have it early in the day, usually at lunch. I always have a protein with my carbs as well. Another rule that works for me is not taking in any starchy carbs after around 4pm when I'm trying to lean out more. As you already know, our body slows down in the evening and it's difficult for it to utilize starchy carbs too late in the evening. My evening meals are always just meat and veggies. ie Steak and a salad and a ton of brocolli. If I get hungry, I munch on hard boiled eggs or I'll have a protein shake.
Make sure also that you add in a couple of tablespoons a day of some sort of flax oil or better yet Udo's oil. This will help keep your energy up while your dietting. Hope that helped out a little.:D
One more thing, the foods you listed are great but they tend to get a little boring sometimes. If you're dietting for like 12 weeks, you will tend to get really sick of chicken, potatoes, eggs, tuna, and oatmeal. Let me know if you want some different ways to cook them up. There are tons of ways to cook potatoes, eggs, you just have to be creative.:D
Right on ,a high protien diet is too much of a shock to your system.I,ve tried it and if you do not gradually ease into it you will feel slugish and tired.My suggestion is stay away from breads pasta and white rice.Stick to simple carbs.Do cardio first thing in the morning as it will cause your body to use fat for energy.Then do your training later on in the day.
fyre, i will sure be in touch when things start to get boring with the food. thank you for all your tips
If you want results fast and can handle a pretty demanding diet you could go with Duchaines Bodyopus. Here is a brief breakdown I ripped off some site...


This diet was created by the late Dan Duchaine. Dan Claimed that it would 'trick your metabolism to lose fat and gain muscle.' this means he said you can lose fat whilst maintain your muscles.

Dan tells you what to eat day by day, mainly how much and what types of carbs to eat and when to stop. In fact the diet is another version ketogenic diet. I say 'another' because there are lots of them two that spring to mind are the Zone diet and Atkins diet. These diets work big time.

BODYOPUS is a low calorie/ low carbohydrate diet for 5 days, then 2 days of high carbohydrates and moderately high calories to achieve glycogen super compensation (carb loading). He says that you must also train three times for a total of no less than five hours a week. the

BODYOPUS is a seven day cycle. Monday to Friday you are reducing carbs and Saturday & Sunday you are carb loading. Monday thru Friday you eat a 70% fat / 30% protein diet. On the weekends you follow a 60% carbs / 25% protein / 15% fat. As far as calorie levels go, you will consume 10% less than your maintenance level on weekdays and about 5-10% above you maintenance level on weekends.

Training can be no more than three days a week. Typically you will train your larger muscle groups in the beginning of the week as you will be stronger from the weekends carb loading. Then on Friday you are aiming to drain your self completely of glycogen and do so by training to complete failure. Dan suggests have some fruit two hours before training as this will help further deplete stored glycogen levels. This will give the perfect platform for the weekends carb loading.
Well I am dieting for a show and I have never dieted before so I am learning on the run and I have been doing am cardio on a empty stomach.
Meal #1- 1 ½ cup oatmeal
2tbsp Peanut Butter

Meal #2- 50-60g/P
1 Apple

Meal #3- 50-60g/P
1 ½ brown rice,
1 ½ tbsp Peanut Butter

Meal #4- 50-60g/P
10oz. Potato
1 tbsp Peanut Butter
Meal #5- Myoplex, Banana

Meal #6- 50-60g/P
3-4 rice cakes (no Sugar ones)

Protein consists of eggs, chicken, Very lean meat, tuna, WHEY

*** 2 cups of Brocolli 3x/day

but right now I am doing 5 day no carbs then I carb up with oatmeal and sweetpotatoes. I do am cardio on a empty stomach. I am only running clen and it doesn't do shit. I was weighing 220lbs and now I am 177lbs. I hope this helps
FYI Fatchops,
Rice Cakes are highly processed, an are very high on the scale as far as GI goes, i would switch it to some vegetables to lower insulin output later in the day.
Fatchops, are you going to post some before and after pics? I would like to see the transformation you have made.
Easto said:
Fatchops, are you going to post some before and after pics? I would like to see the transformation you have made.

I will for sure, and my show is in april 5th so I will def have some pic for ya. I found out that rice cakes are not that good for you, good point, grab some veggies!!
IMO carbs shouldnt be dropped drastically right off the bat. One of the main things in dieting is to avoid muscle loss. Going from 400-500 carbs a day to <100 is just asking for muscle loss.

Personally, I started my summer diet last Monday and basically dropped my carbs from 400-450g to 275-300g per day. Dropped my fat content to 50-60 grams a day(it could have been as high as 100-200g per day while I was bulking). Then I keep protein generally the same compared to when I was bulking. Thats 300-330g every day.

The slow but steady approach is best IMO. So far I have lost 10 pounds since last Monday and strength has been going up. I'd say a lot of that weight is water weight I was holding from the high carbs and fats I was taking in while bulking. I havent even started cardio yet. And I dont think I will until week 4. At that point I might throw in 1 day of cardio. Then each week Ill increase the cardio days. At that point Ill also start doing abs and obliques again. Current drug use is:

600 mg Test/wk
700 mg EQ/wk
150 mg Fina/eod

Not even starting the Winstrol (winny), T3 or Clen until late May/beginning of June.

Also, I get really bulked up in the offseason. I suscribe to the Lee Priest offseason diet and IMO its still smart to lose the fat gradually.
I get off on being insane so I like to drop my carbs from 600g to 10g/day. If you do it right you will be fine, you just have to tell yourself you need lots of fat. I lost 32lbs. and only .5 lbs of muscle. I have never had results like that before on a low fat diet with carbs.
I think people freak out on the high protein diet because they forget to take in the fat as well.