New cycle bulk then solidify


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Weeks 1
Tren 100mg ed
Test prop 50 mg ed
Test enathate 800 mg wk
Dbol 50 mg ed
Weeks 2-6
Tren 100mg ed
Test enathate 1000 mg wk
Dbol 50mg ed
Weeks 7-12
Tren 100mg ed
Test enathate 1000mg wk
Anavar 50mg ed

running an Aromatase inhibitor (AI) throughout ? HCG ? post cycle therapy (pct) ? Comments ?
outlawtas2 said:
why so much gear? Oh and why the prop for just 1 week I dont really see this doin much.

Im only running 3 throughout the cycle except for the first week. Just using the Prop to kick start my test levels.