New guy to the forum - cardio questions


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stats = 28 years
weight = 215 lbs
height = 6'

i just got off a cycle of test and fina and finished with my pct. I'm planning on adding Clen I picked up in Mexico a few weeks back..

I've gained some really solid weight but also some solid fat as well. I look swollen and rounded and want to drop to about 195 - 200 and truly soldify my gains.

I truly hate cardio and did moderate to none during my cycle.

Any ideas ? My main things are amount in times ? How often and if on a weight training day should I do it before or after ?

In college I was able to get away with 10-20 minutes daily prior to training and then one day a week do a 40-50 minute session. Would this work ?

I'm going to clean up my diet as well which is a big reason for my fat gain.. That combined with the right type of cardio I should be happy pretty quickly with the addition of the Clen.
not real educated about the drugs, but i believe the bloat from the test (not sure if fina causes bloat) will go away during pct.

as for cardio...30-60 minutes in the morning on an empty stomach is where its at. Just pop some yohimbine HCL (not yohimbe) and caffiene and walk.