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I'm a new member to this great sight - just wanted to introduce myself.

After many years of training and cycling the one thing that I have learned is to keep things simple (for me anyway).

Try to eat clean - one cheat day a week. (Don't beat yourself up)
Train hard - at least four times per week.
Two 10 to 12 week cycles a year with some type of test as the base-
(test / deca / d-bol, test / eq, test / fina). Always followed by Clomid

Cardio three times per week (I know it sucks).

My pre-summer cycle starts Monday:

Week 1-10 QV Test Enan 250 - 500mg / week
Week 5-12 Fina - 75mg ed followed by three weeks of clomid.

Stats :
225 lbs
12% bf
42 yrs old

Hope I didn't bore the livin shit out of everybody just trying to keep things simple for some looking to gain knowledge from an old dude thats been around the block.
Welcome, my 40-something brotha!
Simple is good, and old is as old does. Right StoneCold?
Your summer cycle looks good. Hope you like our great board here. Keep coming back.