New Nordic Virormone


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Deepglute said:
I simply asked the question because of the picture of all those Viromone being shipped in a large box floating in packing peanuts.

A large box of AS shipped so non discreetly would never make it past US Customs!
Its absolutely illegal here to have a box of 3000Virormones in personal posession :) And I have at least 3boxes. So I guess I`m criminal. :rolleyes:
BTW a box like this will easilly make it past US customs if you know right way to send it :)


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Retabolil2 said:
I believe Ferring passed their rights to Nordic. There is absolutely no difference between those except labels and I believe they were made on the same plant. BTW I always wondered where this plant is located, even my supplier doesn`t know it!
i bought a few packs or that nordic virormone the other week an i cant feel any pain in the injection spots this bothers me because i here that testosterone prop was ment to hurt like hell when injecting! just wonderin what u think bout that? is it normal?


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i here that testosterone prop was ment to hurt like hell when injecting

its only 50mg/ml thats why.when you get the concetration up past 100mg/ml it starts to get pretty painful. most people get hell of sore with the 250mg/ml prop. i'm using the nordic right now-great shit just low mg per ml. smooth as silk. 100mg ed the way to go.


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hi just bought some nodic virormone 100mg 10 x 2ml amps...writing its in black and is very watery .please could anyone tell me if there fakes - 637836