New to the board, not new to gear. My cycle...


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My specs-
Age- 26
Ht- 5'8"
Wt- 190lb (fair amount of fat, but good amount of muscle underneath)
Fat- 20%

Goal- I have a good base of muscle and I would like to shred the fat and see what I have to work with as far as pre-existing muscularity. I have been lifting for a couple of years, but not until recently, pushing myself with a partner to maximum failure. That makes a huge difference, get a partner to train with!!!!!

Here is my planned "safe" cycle. What I expect:

Low to moderate gains over a peroid of time and lean mass. I also wish to decrease bodyfat disposition along the journey.

Here it is:
8 to 10 week cycle:

200mg/wk Primo Depot
300mg/wk Deca Dura
10-12.5mg Anavar oral (daily)

Once again, I know I only have a few posts to this board, I am new here, but have done a lot of research and thinking before I post. Let me know what you think.

Edit: I'll post an average daily diet soon, but it is fairly clean.
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Bear in mind I am commenting on compounds I have yet to use but...

That isn't much primo.
I am not sure why deca would be a good choice here. Not the best cutter imo. Also, why no Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) with the deca. It is awfully suppressive.
I would probably run more anavar than that. jmo.

If you just wanted to cut and spare muscle tissue you could run prop for about 8 weeks. Typically 300+ mg EW would probably be more than enough if all you wanted to do is spare muscle tissue.

If you want a recomp effect specifically, tren would be the obvious drug of choice (but also a lot riskier in terms of sides if you haven't used it before). Test prop/Tren Ace cutters are quite popular all around. Effective? Definitely. Not for everyone though.
Many compounds thrown together at low dosages...

The var dose is pitifully small, basically a woman's dosage. The primo dose is a bit on the low side as well, and lastly, deca will add some water weight for most, which one does not want when trying to lean up.

It sounds to me that you would like to embark on a cutting cycle from what I've surmised. The main ingredient will obviously be diet.

Why not run a var or primo only cycle (with a maintenance dose of test)? Primo at 400-500mg/wk OR var at 40mg/d for 8 weeks. As suggested above, propionate would be another option.

You could alternate clenbuterol and ephedrine/caffeine/aspirin every two weeks during the cycle as well. They'll aid in thermogenisis while the steroids will help preserve muscle.