newb needs help....

i'm 17 yr old 140 lbs 5'6, i use to swim alot and got pretty well developped pecs, tricepts and deltoids, right now i'm starting to go to the gym and need to gain weight + endurance for my muscles, can you guys reccomend me a program to follow and supplements to take?

i was looking for protein and creatine but i dont know which ones are good.
Optimum 100% whey is one of the best proteins out there and at $25 for 5lbs, its very cost effective. Its 100% whey, thus designed for post workout.

As for creatine any monohydrate or creapure, like Optimum or Prolabs (there's more out there, but I stick with these 2) are reputable brands as well.

If you're looking to gain weight, this is about all you need. You could get a bottle of flax oil, as its very cheap and provides a good profile of essential fatty acids.

As for the actual weight gaining, well you're going to have to eat more calories than you burn. This means eating often and dont be shy with the food. Have your big meals and add in things like tuna, peanut butter, flax oil, nuts, all of which are calorie dense and will help to put on some muscle mass. Best of luck.
hey thx for the tips bro, i went to shop for them today and i didn't find those :(, my local supermarket has a big portion dedicated to supplements the biggest i found was 650 g plastic bottles with the WHEY GAIN 2000 logo on them. I hesitated and didnt bother getting it since it was 30$ and not even 1 pound of powder.

Is there a store in the Toronto area that I can find those products?
Well brother, Your best bet is to get them online, Im from the states, so I dont know much about where to buy these goods in Canada, best of luck though. Im sure a canadian brother on here can help you out.
I live near Toronto and pick my stuff up online. A few possible sites with good reps are:

I've dealt with bodyworks and had a good experience. This forum will be opening up a shop shortly too, which will offer Sportlab products.
Sportlab Products are awesome products. I'm pretty sure Biggie is all set up and ready to go with the shop. The pricing is very good too.I would suggest Sportlabs Whey or even the Thicken is awesome.
For Creatine, definitely go with the Plasmavol. ;)