newbie cycle questions...


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Ok so i have read all the newbie information and have decided that I am going to give steroids a try. I have read all the first cycle reports on here and have also done some ooutside research, as I am a scientist, I have found some information which i know is reliable.
Here are my stats, I am a very active 22 year old male. I have wresteld for the past 7 years in high school and throughout college. I ahve also been on about a year of supplements and pro-hormones and recieved what I feel is the most gains I can get out of them, so I'm ready to bump up to the real stuff. I am 160, solid and lean, 6 pack and nice definition.
My first cycle I am thinking about the following

dianabol 1-4 week (orally)
Test enanthane 1-8 weeks injectable
Nolvadex (when problems occur during cycle, 3 weeks post)
I need comments on this cycle. Thank guys this will help me out alot...Feel free to email me or post a reply
i'd stick with the test by itself for your first cycle, 10-12 weeks. of course you will want to have your diet and training tight first.
Agree with all the above ^ Drop the dbol run the test for 10-12 weeks. Its your first cycle so you dont want it to be too harsh.

Also if you run the dbol & test along side each other and you get a reaction or some sort of negetive feedback then you wont know which one was the course. At least this way you can be sure what works for you.

You'll need to add some HCG to that post cycle therapy (pct) or run it throught the cycle.