Nolvadex vs. Arimidex.


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O.K as far as the nature of the two I understand the concept. Blocker/ anti aromatase. I am just curious as to the difference during a cycle, in relation to gains, side effects..etc.. I have alwas taken Nolvadex before but am realizing in higher doses ( just got over a gyno problem) It makes me a bit sleepy. Potentially I'd like to switch to Arimidex soon, but just wanted to hear the overall concensus of these two in a side by side comparison. Thanks


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Here's the way I look at it: If you use nolva during a cycle, the same amount of test is still going to be converted into estrogen. If you use arimidex, less test will be converted into estrogen. So you'll have higher overall test levels, and the low estrogen levels that you wanted. Sounds better to take adex during, and nolva after.