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I just received 10 vials of Norma Deca and everything looks legit on them. The labels have the hologram in the background and the Norma logo is also printed on the bottle. It is red and others I have seen the logo ont he actual bottle (not the label) are blue. Everything else seems legit. The crimps are good, they don't move, they all have exactly the same amount in them, and the label matches other legit pictures from the norma website. Has anyone else seen the norma logo printed on the bottle in red? It is under the label.
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Norma Deca 03-25-2008 06:56 PM dumbfuck

notice the red norma logo printed on the vial.




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Thank you Ferrari. That is exactly how mine look. Notice the hologram on the label. I don't understand how someone could counterfiet that hologram. I would say, if you see the hologram, most likely real.


They are real.

But since this thread been made in 03-25-2008, 03:07 PM, who cares about what you answer...
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