Novadex + ECA/Clen for fat reduction


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Hey bros!

Im new to this board, but crazymike reccomended me to come cuz u guys were pretty cool.

Anywayz.. Ive been lifting for a few years, never used any gear before.

Im 21, 5'11 235lbs and around 20% bf.

I my diet is clean and consistent, Ive used ECA in the past and am currently using it.

Im of pacific islander decent, and when I was younger I used to be real obese.

THe lowest my bf has ever been is 12 % and I was 195lbs.

I just got off a clean food bulk (that kinda got outta hand at the end) where I went from 205lbs in octover to 235lbs in January of this year.

Id really like to get my bf as low as possible, and from there try again to get above 240lbs by the end of this year.

If I can get as close to 250lbs as possible by the end of this year with a reasonable bodyfat percentage, then I think I would do another cutting phase and possible start my first AS cycle.
Sorry for the long widned post, but I was wondering what you guys would reccomend to someone who has a clean diet but wants to expedite the fat loss process?

From January to now, I have stripped my caloried from 3300 cals a day to 2600cal a day, and sometimes even 1800 cal a day on non lifting days.

I get 260g of protein a day.

I eat 6-8 times a day.

I keep my carbs to a minimum. Sugars are kept to post workout, and as far as carbs, I get 1/4 c of oats with a can of tuna for breakfast, and usually 2 more portions of carbs before 4 PM in the form: red/sweet potatoes, brown rice, whole wheat toast, whole wheat tortillas.

I get pleanty of EFA in the form o flax oil caps, oilve oil, natty PB, and occasional salmon.
I lift 4-5 times a week, and get 2 half hour cardio sessions of 30 min per week separate from lifting.
Nolvadex wont do too much for fat loss, if your looking for estrogen reduction, It will just bind to estrogen receptors such as in breast tissue. Although I would not recomend it, you could try liquidex or femera to lower estrogen levels, but as I said, i would not recomend it, especially since your not taking any Anabolic Androgenic Steroids (AAS) that aromatizes. I personally also like a strong ECA more than clen. Try Thermonex by Syntrax, i lost 4lbs in two weeks with no diet changes. Also, try 100-200mg or r-ALA with every meal.
Thanks bro for the info.

ALA with each meal?

Cool, I'll do that. I have ALA that I take, I'll just up the frequency.
bumping for ulter or macro.

I don't remember off-hand, but there is a recommended number of mg's based on the amount of carbs you're having. You may find it in a search...

Either ala or r-ala/glucorell r will work, but you need 4 or 5 times as much regular ala for the same results if I remember correctly. Fonz, did a pretty detailed experiment documenting the results between the two.

Looks like you're doing all the right things, you could add another cardio session per week, lower intensity, after a workout. Sticking with Cardio is one of my weaknesses; I'll do good for a week or two, then just don't want to be bothered with it :)

Also, take a look in the articles section, you'll probably want to consider alternating the ECA stack with NYC and/or Clen every two weeks.
it is something like for every 35-50g of carbs use 100mg of r-ALA. I believe it takes twice the amount of regular ALA to have the same effect on insulin.
definitely use r-ALA... superior to ALA in reducing blood plasma levels and FFA (free fatty acids).

It won't cause indigestion either, which is often seen with higher ALA dosages.
low dose of arimidex, nyc, yohimburn, hypocaloric diet and cardio will ripp ya up pretty quick... the negative effect on cholesterol would be short-lived and not pose much of a health risk... unless you plan on dieting for more than 2 months.