Novladex VS Clomid???


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Are they necessary for a 10 wk cycle of Cyp? Can't seem to find either---but I'm worried about growing tits! Any suggestions? Is one better than the other? Thank you to all Anabolic Androgenic Steroids (AAS) GURUS!!
Liquidresearch, if your in the US there is no "I cant find it" :D

Now what do you want, post cycle or anti estrogen? For anti-E Nolvadex would be prefered, for post cycle clomid is common but I think clomid by itself is not going to cut the mustard.
Thanks Mudge---More worried about anti-E --but obviously keeping gains as well---should I be worried about Gyno w/ 400 mgs of Cyp ew for 10 wks?
Just checked out Liquid research!! Thanks for the tip!! Any suggestions on whether I should get Clo or Nolva? Does either work better w/ Cyp? I have never used an anti-E in the past---any help would be GREAT!!!!
What are the advantages of doing both? If I do the Cyp, how should I incorporate the nolva and Clomid? I swear I did my homework, but I want to make sure I get it right!
By the way Easto, pics look great!
Gyno will probably not be a concern, but have the Nolvadex on hand just incase. You will probably be fine with 20-40mg IF your nipples start to itch or you get any strange stimulation in that area. When it starts to hit me it is almost like a mild pain, either way, you will know if its coming.
get both thats what i did and i will most likely use it and so will u, if not then save it for next time :p
Use Nolva if your nips get sore, itchy, sensitive. Start with 40mg/day until the symptoms subside. Then run 20mg for the remainder of the cycle.

Use can then use (1)Nolva or (2)Clomid, or (3)both post cycle.
All right, just to nail this down, if I do 400 mg of Cyp. for 10 weeks, how do I incorporate the Clo and the Nolva--I've seen it discussed on the boards, so I don't want to be redundant, but I have never seen Clo or Nolva, or used it--if I get it from Liquid research how much do I get and how and when do I take it? I Don't wanna beat this up too much, but I want to be safe and do the homework, ya know?
Really appreciate it boyz!!!