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anyone using it. hows your results thus far?

any articles on it that someone could point me towards?

thanks for any help

House1...which one are you asking about...Nutropin Depo..thats the new one....(long acting, 1 injection per month)
they come in 22.5mg kits and 18mg kits
Ironmaster is on it right now and he loves it so far.......
I started my first kit of it 22.5mg this past inject 1 time w/ 21g dart of 1.5cc fluid...not too bad.....

I did get side from it.....Ironmaster and others say that you might have some pain in your tendons and joins for first few days......well, I woke up Sunday and my legs were killing me..bad pain in my lasted for 3 days then it went away and I feel fine.....I never got that from any other GH before.....I have heard that this is more pure also then others and that it releases a higher dosage in the first week...all the kits are over dosage ....
as far as the pain goes I took some Tylenol and I was fine....
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