Ok, if B5 isnt helping my skin, what next?


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Ive been using B5 @ 3 grams a day and although it is helping, its not clearing me up competely. My question is, What next? is accutane my only answer? And if so, do I just go to my Doc and have him write me a script?
Just out of curiosity, how long have you been taking the B-5 ? I does take a while to become really effective. I know others, LAWNSAVER for one, that suggests a higher dose, up to 10 grams/day until you start to clear up, then drop it down to 3-4/day for maintenance.
Good advice SC......I agree that upping the dose might help.

Boxcut: no need to worry about toxicity levels...at dosages of 10 to 20 grams, you make experience some "gastric hypermotility" (diarhea), but other than that......you should be "OK".
I tried B-5 for 2 weeks and it didn't do much for me. I even put it in a cream as well and applied it to one arm to compare the difference and it seemed to help but very veryy little...


What did help was after taking a shower (and scrubbing my back and arms) I applied alpha-hydroxy lotion and scraped my skin with my nails (i know disgusting) but it got rid of about 70% of those little pimples. pretty amazing.

FYI on alpha-hydroxy... if u're an environmentalist (as we should all be a little bit) it's good to know that the way of making it is very toxic to the evironment especially if it's not done correctly because they use cyanide to make it.
2 weeks is not enough time for B5 to have its full effect.
I just read something on EF about a spray with salicylic acid that ppl seem to like.