ok some advise


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alright, here is the deal. i am starting week 4 on Monday of my cycle.

d bol--1-4 30mg/d
sus --1-8 500 a week

now after almost 3 weeks of being on cycle i am up 16 lbs and up to 195, i am 5'9 with 9% bf, now with these incredible results i am achiveing i am thinking i should keep going hard and start running some FINA from weeks 6-12 What do u think. i just want to know now cause the way i am going i am so amazed with this cycle... lemme knowo dudes
if this is your first cycle adding the tren prob wont do much as youll grow anyways. i added tren at end of my first though, got real good results. i used 75 mgs ed, i get real bad rage though from TA.
It really depends as to whether this is your first cycle or not.......if it is you first as I suspect...., I would hold off on the Tren for a future cycle.
Yeah i agree, you could extend it to 10 weeks no problem, and if you are dead set on adding some fina, feel free. It will definately make the cycle more productive, even a little like 50mg ed.