opinions on summer cycle


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In the past I've only used Deca. I've been wanting to try stacking Fina and test and I've noticed that alot of people are throwing in the EQ. What exasctly does the EQ bring to the table and is it good to stack these three when dieting down to look shredded for summer. Also any advice I can get on the best way to stack these would be appreciated. I'm 5'6" and 185lbs at 12%.
Since you have only done Deca cycle in the past....then this what I would do.....

1-10 500 Test Enathate
4-12 75mg Fina EOD

I use EQ for bulking during winter since it makes me eat like a pig...
I would keep a healthy diet and Tren would take care of 3-4% of BF loss.

But then again this would be your first time on it so it's hard to say...
GymChic said:
I have to disagree Jyzza. EQ is excellent for cutting, nothing brings out vascularity like EQ, and it is perfectly suited to cutting, in fact, most good cutting cycles include EQ.

i would definately recommend Test prop, Fina, and Eq for your summer cutting cycle.

Yes you are right about EQ bringing out persons vascularity......but when I'm on EQ I can't help but to eat like 6-7 or even 8 meals a day which leaves me with a bit of a belly.....and I rather use it in a bulking cycle and Fina in a cutter......I'm cut during the summer and vascular during winter.....
Thanks alot for your help everyone. This site is great. Realized I was gonna be late for work and didnt get a chance to say thanks yesterday.