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1-Testosterone. Is it any good ?

I have a pathological horror of needles. Probably due to the school nurse screwing up my TB shot when I was a kid. She had about 3 stabs at me and it hurt like hell. I've avoided injections ever since.

So, is it possible to have an effective oral only cycle ?

I've done a Dbol only cycle and had pretty good results, but I understand, that to use Anabolic Androgenic Steroids (AAS) most productivly, you need to combine a Class I androgen (Stong binding to the androgen receptor) with a Class II androgen (Weak binding). A typical example would be ;

One of the ethers of Testosterone = Class I
Dianablol = Class II

The problem for me is that the Class I steriod is injectable.

I have thought about using Andriol, but the cost is prohibitive.

I've heard about a substance called 1-testosterone, which claims to be a class I steriod. Its available in either a prohormome form called 1-AD, or as an ether / ester in a capsule. Both claim to produce free 1-testosterone in the bloodstream.

My question is, has anyone had any experience with this product or has any good knowledge about it ? Will it acutally work well combined with Dbol in an oral only stack. If so, what sort of dosage should be taken. ?

...Or perhaps its complete rubbish and I shouldn't waste my money on it ?

Your comments would be appreciated.

Many thanks.
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If I were going to do an orals only cycle (which I personally wouldn't), I would consider oxandrolone, rather than Dbol. You won't get massive, but strength and hardness will be the results. Probably easier on the liver, too.
Most oral testosterones aren't very effective.
you might want to ask this over on the supp board.....1-AD is not a steroid but a pro hormone.....a waste of money IMO......
you could, do dbol only. like buffdoc said, anavar is better, but very expensive.if I were to run dbol only it would be like this :

wks 1-4 50 mg dbol. split 5 times during the day
wks 1-4 1.25-2.5 mg femmera ed
I gotta agree with buffdoc. If you can afford it and find some legit product, then Anavar (var) is probably the best choice for you.
The street price of Anavar (oxandrolone) is 85 Euros for 30 tabs.
The dosage is 12 tabs per day. That gives a price per day or 34 Euros per day.
As I haven't won the lottery, I'll have to pass on anavar
Jean Claude said:

As I haven't won the lottery, I'll have to pass on anavar

LOL you arent the only one son.

You can go ahead with a Winstrol (winny) only cycle. Get some zambons and drink em.
Jean Claude said:
What is femmera ?
I've used Proviron with great effect, but I don't know femmera.

an anti e . letrozole. keeps the bloat down, sorta a poor mans anavar when mixed w/ dbol . sorta, not really
you could drink Winstrol (winny) zambons but stay away from the Andriol complete waste of money and you would be wasting alot of it to get enough to even make a difference. I think dbol would be good idea cause depending on your training and diet you could keep alot of your gains. By the way I used to be like you about needles but they aren't shit really.