Orals towards end


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Anyone have any luck with using an oral like Dbol at the end of the cycle. I am planning next cycle and lsomething like this, but havent read much about orals towards the end of cycle:

wk 1-3 Test prop 100mg EOD
wk 2-8 Tren A 100mg eod
wk 1-12 Test E 600mg/wk
wk 8-12 Dbol 45mg ED
run the dbol 10-14 while you are awaitin post cycle therapy (pct) and you will see better results bro... i have done this before and so have many others on the board and everyone seems to be satisfied with results..
also howcome you're not starting the tren ace right away and waiting a week?
i wo0uld also run the test prop from 1-4 instead of 1-3 just to ensure that the enanthate has kicked in 100%
i have done it with Winstrol (winny) and really liked it. i got hardened up real nice. you should like it.
Yes, run it for about 3 weeks after your last shot of the long ester, then when you're done with the dbol it will have cleared your system and you can start PCT.
Thanks for all the good input guys, willco. regarding the Tren, typo, meant to say 1-8. Will bring the Prop out to wqeek 4 also.