Ouch....Injected into a vein last night.


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Giving myself 1 cc f fina in the right tricep..pushed in needly like normal...NIIICE and SLOOWWW. saw a little blood enter the needle near the end of the push.....asperated to make sure...saw bubbles and no blood. Started pushing down on the plunger...went down 1/4 of a cc and accidentaly pull back on the needle a lil while pushing in.

Felt a searing pain in my tricep...assumed I hit the vein. Pulled needle out...changes pinz and injected the rest into my right quad...

After I finished quad injection pooked in the mirror at my tricep because it was still burning....And The vein was a deep dark blue and was highly visible...Kinda freaked me out at first..but the pain subsided shortly and the discoloration went away.

well you don't have to push all the way in depending on how long your needle is. once you get it in it must be kept steady other wise you could pull back or push foward into a vein even if you aspirated when you started.
brooklynheight said:
you saw the vein?????????:eek:

Yes I did...thats part part that freaked me out the most.....Im very vascular..and I had never had that vein become visible before...

I think it freaked my wife out more!
thefantom1 said:
You may of just passed through a vein.. did you get the notorious "fina cough"??
I passed through several veins...I can feel it every time I pass through one....and I dont ever get fina cough although I am feeling a little fluid in my chest right now....~!
Wow, you pulled back on the barrel and slipped into the vein you passed. That's scary bro, glad your OK. How much did you push before realizing it's in the vein? Careful bro, Tricep veins are notoriusly large. Easy to get in there. That's how Milos Sarcev almost died whey his wife injected his Tris'. Same thing happened, slipped into a vein while plunging.