Overcooked it with the hcg?


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Hi guys, please if anyone is gonna be condescending or antagonistic with the replies please just don't answer,
Anyway had a long cycle (8 months test and tren then test only last 3 months no hcg used during cycle ((stupid I know)) finished began hcg at 500iu eod wasn't getting much response figured must be shut down pretty hard so was using 2500iu eod + 1mg adex and 40mg tamoxifen for about 12 days, balls came back near enough they were much fuller etc tapered down the adex to 0.5 and hcg to 500iu and on about 4th shot of hcg they have shrank again, I'm sure I've got a nice test build up with the hcg protocol then because I tapered the adex down too early the next shot has basically released a lot of aronatase and turned all the latent test into estrogen (as I gained a bit of water retention quickly) kind of like dropping a match in a pool of gas.... and I'm guessing I've gone back into supression, anyway question is do I wait a month and try and plump them up again (keeping the ai high and est low) then start clomiphene (which was the plan before I kind of wandered off a cliff edge by accident) or would it be best to just start clomiphene and tamoxifen and the size will come back? They aren't as small as they were immediately after the cycle so hopefully I'm not shut down too hard or could it even be that tapering down the hcg has cause them to shrink a little just due to "taking the stabilisers off" so to speak?

Thanks in advance