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I started my cycle on monday.. 1 shot. 11/2cc of test e with 1cc of deca so a total of 2.5cc in a 3cc syringe. ALOT OF F'n substance. Anyways, its friday and my ass is still sore and the pain has traveled about 3 inches above the injection site to my waist. No redness, just very sore. I remember soreness but not this much.. Is this normal??
By the way, I am using the stealth injectables.
I dont know anything about the lab you are using but and injection displaces muscle fibers when injected. When the muscle is stressed in any way it can effect the joint it is attahced to and in turn effect surrouning muscles.
happens to me all the time... nothin to worry about bro

just think... thoms on this board can fit 8 or 9 cc's into his ass... 2.5 got nothin on that! hahaha :)
One time i thought an injection pain was traveling up from my glutes to my lower back but i was really getting lower back pumps from the 50 mgs of dbol ed
Dude, wait till you try Winstrol (winny) injections...I swear there is glass powder in that shit...yeouch...