Painful = no (unless you are a sissy bitch)

Depth = Delts 5/8" - 1"
Quads 1" - 1.5"
Glutes 1.5"
They hurt a lot less than little things you do all the time and don't even think twice about. Its just a matter of getting over the needle fear, if you have it.

So long as you use a fresh pin for injecting, it will be sharp and that means it really doesn't hurt. Some people enjoy it. To me its just something I do, I don't enjoy it or dislike it.
as long as your needle stays sharp, like if you hit the bottom of the vial you will dull it but it still dont hurt it is just a little harder to pearce the skin with a little pinch, other than that once your in you feel nothing at all
No pain bro, like a pinch that's it. You'll get used to it. Just keep it clean, keep it still and you'll be fine. Don't forget to aspirate!

Only gear that I had pain with is Prop and T400. I heard that Suspension can be a stinger also. Good luck.
it doesn't matter if you hit the bottom of the vial or not... always change pins after withdrawling the juice from the vial...i tried to skimp once and i could really tell a big difference... plus pins are cheap
Think of it as taking a dump and there's some peanuts in yer poo. Now replace that feeling on your skin. Bout like that, little less maybe :)
my first quad shot, i made the mistake of moving my leg while the pin was in...fuck that hurt, and thanl god i did not snap the pin, also, when you shoot bro, dont push the pin in all the way..if there is a break at the pin/syringe, at least you can attempt to get the pin out...and also, if anything else happens, dont freak out until you get the opin out...dont swab the pin with alcohol before you put it in, and always aspirate....

On that note, not a problem, and painless..but, if you shoot zambons (winny), they will sting....

When you guys say that gear stings, does that mean it stings when you are injecting, or after when you are done? When I inject LFC Enan, I don't feel a damn thing when it is going in.
Im on my first cycle and shooting prop. Had a fear of needles. Well not a fear of someone else giving me a shot, but of me trying to give my self a shot. Now I can say I like it sometimes, dont want to do it others. It is not painful though. Try it Mikey, youll like it.
I've never felt a sting when the gear went in but when I am on, I'm almost always sore in multiple places where I've shot. Its not bad pain, just a nuisance really.
it does become rather addicting I think I can't wait to get started again ahhhhh that first shot after being off rulezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz