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I just injected ICN Test 250mg in glute. And it was harder than hell to push through the needle, I used a 22g to draw it and a 25g to inject, Should I be using a lower guage? Maybe a 23g?
23 is a nice guage. Everybody has their own preferences.

Try the 22 or 23 but inject slow to avoid a lump.

Also guage size dosen't neccessarly equate to pain in the glute. I think I am using a 20 in the ass or whatever is in the black wrapper for BD with a 1.5 " pin

I dont feel a thing with that
Speaking of pins, I rarely switch the pin after drawing. I am careful to not stub the tip when drawing from amps

I asked my doc about this after he gave me my first shot out of a 5 ml vial, and he laughed at me and said "its only one penetration through the membrane"

Of course I knew better because I had read prior to my 1st visit for hrt

anyone else draw and shoot with the same tip?
23g is the smallest I go with oils. Some guys use a 25g and heat the oil up a bit first, that helps....but I'd rather not bother.

Did the oil suck up nice with the 22g, just curious cause I always use a 18g to draw up.
18 to draw 23 to shoot glute and quads if and when i go to delts ill probably use 25 and heat the oil
Hey guys...I placed my first order with Sunday night at 10pm. Got a confirmation email at 4pm on Monday that my express shipment was on the way. Got home today at 11am and I got a notice form the post office that it was at an anex station (due to no safe place to leave it). Got there at 2pm..picked up my package and was a happy camper. BTW: basedon the advice on this board. I ordered 50 .23 gauge w/1 1/2" needle and 50 .23 1" needles only and 50 .18 gauge (fro drawing) and some alcohol pads.

Either April 2nd or 9th will be my first injection. I'm going to Vegas this weekend and gonna party like a Rock Star. Based on the impurities that I give myself, I may push back my first cycle one week.
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Thanks bro's ill get some 23g and use the 25g for a different time.
SCNTO, it was a little slow, but not to bad. Ill also get some 18g for the drawing.
Thanks again
23g is easy to push but with exp some say they prefer 25g, I have been using 25g for awhile and its more difficult than 23g, but doable.
same 22g, pull/push, unless i do multiple injection sites. then i change the pin after two sticks.
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I tried to get 18g pins around here for drawing and the pharmacies just looked at me like I was completely insane and said they didn't carry anything that big.

Is there any problem if I draw & stick with the same pin?
DTOX said:
Is there any problem if I draw & stick with the same pin?

Well if you are drawing from an amp the needle touches the bottom of it, while trying to pull all juice up. This makes the needle loose some sharpness causing some pain when trying to inject.

The main reason for switching needles are sterilitiy issues, if you are not changing needles then be careful not to touch anything with needle before you put it in you.