please give me a sticky on how to make methenolone enanthate

old timer

brazilian jiu-jitsu guy

do i need to use the 2/20 ratio of ba and bb to make methenolone enanthate
aka. primobolan?

and what is the optimal concentration for making the solution (so it doesn't crash) mabye 250 or can i bump it up to 300mg/ml?

thanks guys.
DougoeFre5h said:
2/20 at 250 is fine man, Im not sure about 300 and how it holds, if it crashed just dilute it with some oil.
2/20 for methenolone 250?????
thats a good notice for me!!
NYCEE said:
Yep 2/20 i made 250mg/ml, has a little bite to it.

it may have felt like a "little bite" for you, but my 200mg primo nearly crippled me :goof:

im gunna mix and break it down to 100mg/ml

I know most people say you get lean gains off of primo, but how do you feel when you are on it, and how long does it take to kick in?

what if i'm injecting 500mg/ that good enough to get substantial results in a good period of time...since the ester is enanthate?

i'm guessing primo kicks in faster that EQ since it has a shorter ester to it.

thanks guys...although primo is pretty expensive(20 bucks a gram~!)
I ran it at a gram a week for a while, didnt think it was worth it... Kept me nice and lean though..