Post cycle therapy (pct) questions


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PCT questions

Hey am curious on what method of post cycle therapy (pct) to use. I have 2weeks left of my 18wk course. I havnt ran any hcg while on. I was going to either try 5000i.u's for the last 2weeks while on and 2500i.u's in the 1st week off. And 3weeks after my last injection I would start clomid. I also have been running nolve all the way through and would continue unitil I finshed the clomid.

The other route would would be to start hcg 3weeks after my last injection at 5000i.u's for 2weeks and 2500i.u's for the week after aswell as running nolva. The nolva would continue to run for an additional 3weeks after, but I WOULDNT be running any clomid. Do you think I should add the clomid and if so when as I doesnt work as well while on hcg.

Thanks, sorry if it seems complicated
hcg should be ran during the last weeks of your cycle. Some guys run it as soon as they see testicular shrinkage to reverse that and maintain their "boys". I believe hcg after your last should (during pct) os actually supressive but i could be wrong. Personally id say to start the hcg now 500iu 3 times a week for a couple weeks then 500iu twice a week for a 3 or so weeks, but those last 3weeks as your long ester is running out id shoot prop if you can get it then 3 days after your last shot start your pct. By running the prop youd be able to run hcg for at least 5 weeks.
I would use HCG up until post cycle therapy (pct) starts but run the post cycle therapy (pct) with nolva, normal protocol.

What did youre cycle look like?
Test en 750mg weeks 1 - 16
Oxy 100mg weeks 1 - 5
Dbol 50mg weeks 12 - 15
Equipoise 600mg weeks 1 - 10
Primo 100mg eod weeks 10 - 16
Nolva 20mg ed
Since you have two weeks left on the cycle and four weeks until you begin post cycle therapy (pct) I would start running your HCG now. The mega doses you listed are way more then I would ever recommend you use. I'd run 300-500ius twice per week or maybe every three days until about 4 days before you begin post cycle therapy (pct). That should be more then enough to get things going.

For the nolvadex, I would run it at 20-40mgs per day for two weeks and then 20mgs for at least another 2 weeks or until you feel you need to. You could throw in an aromatase inhibitor like arimidex or aromasin as well and that may be beneficial but that's up to you.