Post WO shake


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This is what I've been doing for about a month now. I'd be interested in your feedback. 15 minutes post workout I mix and drink this:

20 ounces water
2 scoops optimum nutritions 100% WPC (about 40 grams)
100 grams dextrose
10 grams creatine
300 mgs Racemic ALA (from beyond a century FYI)

It tastes way too sweet but I just chug it down. I've never had a problem with eating/drinking nasty shit so I just throw the ALA in there too LOL. :40oz: The sweetness actually bugs me more than the bitterness of the ALA. Is there anything you guys would change about my post workout method? Thanks!

Oh yeah sometimes I take my gram o B-5 in there too.
I just bought some dextrose and 100g is a hell of alot of the powder correct?maybe my math was wrong but I felt like my whole shake was dex powder?
looks good to me. you could add glutamine. and if your using 100 grams dextrose anyways maybe get rid of the ala and add slin.