Powerlifting New Years Resolutions


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by Watson Davis.

I resolve to be asked to never return to at least 2 all-you-can-eat buffets because they're running low on food.

I resolve to lick all bowls and utensils spotlessly clean when my wife makes carrot cake.

I resolve to stop making fun of bodybuilders. Really.

I resolve to start my diet far enough in advance so I don't have to drop 10 pounds in 24 hours before my next meet. 8 or 9, maybe, but not 10.

I resolve to remove curlers from the squat rack without causing excessive damage even though it does serve as a lesson to the other curlers and the term "excessive" is open to interpretation based on the context.

I resolve to do aerobics once this year just so I can say I've done my aerobics for the year.

I resolve to be patient. IMMEDIATELY. If not sooner.

I resolve to give the hook grip a second shot and not squeal like a small child because it hurts.

I resolve to teach the entire world about the wonders of squatting in a Smith Machine... so that the power cages will remain clear.

I resolve to stop and smell the ammonia.

I resolve to evenly extend.

I resolve to hit PR's in all three lifts.... or shoot my spine out my ass trying.