I have 6 kids and no time, so I do 1 lift per day...


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So I am using a combination of Reg Park's 5x5 (which is a 3x5 of working sets, with 2 warmup sets) and greyskull Lp (which uses the last set to almost failure) I am progressing by 5 lbs on lower body lifts and 2.5 lbs on upper body lifts.

I do 1 main lift per day followed by an accessory lift (for fun) if I have a few extra minutes.

The rotation is as follows and I use the same formula for each primary lift 1x5 at 60% working weight 1x5 at 80% working weight, 2x5 at working weight, 1 x AMRAP (as many reps as possible) EXCEPT for Deadlifts which is always 1x5, but I use bent over rows as a warmup.

DAY 1 Squat 2x5 (warmups) 2x5,1x5+ (Ez Bar Curls 3x8 or 2x10)

Day 2 Bench Press 2x5 (warmups) 2x5,1x5+ (Dumbell Flys 3x8 or 2x10)

Day 3 Bent Over Row 2x5 (warmups) 2x5,1x5+ , Deadlift 1x5 This is the only day I use a primary lift as a warmup to another primary lift.

Day 4 Overhead Press 2x5 (warmups) 2x5,1x5+ (Dumbell Laterals 3x8 or 2x10)


I take rest days as needed and I don't fret over missed workouts I just hit the next one on the list on the following day. Some weeks I go every single day and I end up getting repeats of each workout, but I usually go 4 days on 1 day off.

Starting Weight/Current weights/projected goal
Squat 200/300/400
Deadlift 200/300/400
Bench Press 200/250/300
Bent Over rows Rows 200/250/300
Overhead Press 100/150/200

I already hit these goal weights 2 years ago... I just quit for a long time after my last kid was born, so I know I can get back there. I just set up my starting weights based on hitting the same goals at the same time, increasing at 2.5 lbs on upper, 5 lbs on lower body.

This workout pattern takes about 20-30 minutes. Less if I only do the primary lift.

What do you guys think?
I guess if that works for you. I hit one body part per day. Usually get at least 3 exercises with 4 sets and 10-12 reps each exercise in 30-40 minutes. People find time if its important.
One lift per day will be ok. Not quite the best though. The key is to see if you can hit each muscle or group you want to build on at least twice a week. I never found that one a week produced much gain.

Another thing for building mass you know is to reach that failure and beyond. I really am focusing on BB . I have never strength or PL ed . I am purely a BB.

You can always rotate your focus of muscles n groups. Like working hard twice a week min for a muscle or two then focus on a different one after 4 - 6 weeks.

Congrats on kids. I raised three while a Corporate level job career and lifting and competing. Takes drive n focus ... THis is now lifting time, now work time, now family time. :)
Good luck
What do you guys think?
1 exercise per muscle group can be very good. imo this strategy is underrated due to all the high volume workouts we've been brainwashed into believing are the most effective ways to gain muscle.

1 set, to failure with rest pause, negatives, drop sets, and maybe a few forced reps will blast the muscle group. Breaking it down with the minimal amount of volume required. IMO most people do too much and spend far too much time in the gym lifting to build muscle. Their progress could be faster.