First Real Cycle Test + dbol need help plox


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Hi everyone! I've been around reading stuff in this forum and i finally decided to register.
I'm planning on running a test + dbol cycle in the start of new year.
I'm 18 and i have basic expirience with steroids i have a good diet plan. So far i've ran 2 Dbol only cycles which were really light and one of them didnt even have pct or proper going out of cycle...
The secound one was way better i had PCT and everything worked fine.
My bodystats are:
BW: 185lbs/84kg
Height: 5.9ft/180cm
Bodyfat: around 14-16%
Squat: 408lbs/185kg
Benchpress: 275lbs/125kg
Deadlift: 507lbs/230kg
All lifts made with belt and wraps only.
Ive competed is powerlifting events and won 3 of them in the junior class all amateur planning on going for something serious next year...
However my question is how should i make this cycle what would be the proper PCT do i need to use HCG.
My plan is for a 6-8 week cycle, 2000mgs of dbol 2000mgs of prop? Correct me if its not enought :)
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Welcome to the board. YOU can learn a lot on this forum but no one here will condone the use of steroids under the age of 24-25r. Certainly NOT 18 years old.

I don't know where you have been reading but all the literature I have read has never promoted the use of AAS at 18 years old. You can have life long injuries to your endocrine system. You stand the chance of not recovering and suffering from Low Test for the rest of your life then having to be married to injections whether you want to or not. There are many more negative and live long problems that can ensue.

Stop with this idea... I'll let more vets tell you. You have no clue as to what you are doing.

PS: your dosing is way , way off and you need to learn about that.
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first off bro, your way too young. dont risk your future on trying to get big now.
your better off working on your diet and training to beef up naturally. and your brain will not fully develop due to early steroid use. think about that bro.
I think i have reached my genetical potential conserning height(def not lean muscle mass).
I have already taken Dbol isnt that a thing or just gonna make things worse or i can get away just cuz its 1-2 times ?
What do u mean by live long problems other than not being able to recover normal test production ?
if you do not monitor and run a proper cycle you can damage your endocrine system for life like OMM stated above and that means trt for life.
I echo those words.....TRT is for life....
I had some trouble with blood pressure on my last dbol cycle when i was up to 40mgs a day for 2 weeks i had high blood pressure sometimes if i ran too fast for example or for too long i started getting terrible headaches... but other than happening 3-4 times with the headache everything was fine i almost didnt lose strenght and gainz.
Headache thing never happend during a workout which is strange.
Happend once when i had to run 600metres at school for a mark and one time when i ran up the stairs, the headache was there for about 2 hours then it started going away but it was really painful.
I am still not giving up the idea, I know both of said i shouldn't do it but if i am to actually do it how should i do it?
Atleast I should do it correctly if i dont change my mind and give up the idea.
I am still not giving up the idea, I know both of said i shouldn't do it but if i am to actually do it how should i do it?
Atleast I should do it correctly if i dont change my mind and give up the idea.

Here's my situation...If I help you when that goes against the whole idea of me helping people that qualify to do them as safe as possible. To put together the most beneficial cycle I know to help to achieve their goals, be it bulk, cut and or show prep. I'm sorry but someone else with have to chime is but not me. This forum is also known to be a straight up place to find out the most prominent facts for good cycles, again as safe as possible you do not fit that.

I gave you some real good topics you should know inside out to have the best cycle for yourself. You are very welcome to pick our brains toward understanding what happens and the sides with the use of exogenous Test and other anabolic steroids.

Really kiddo read up and wait. I have seen a lot since 1980 ya think. :dance2:
Nough said , OMM

Hey got an idea, and for the next 6-8 months ..why don't you concentrate on your diet and training and rest schedule. Get a good routine to train for the goals. Take these months to learn and log your gains and such right here. Pretend this is it. YOU will be surprised at what an 18 - 19 year old can do. You can gain that 15 lbs in one year of LMM, after depleted water gain. All these 12 week cycles of over 10 - 15 lb gain is most water. Like 65-75 %. You can do this. Latter on in life it becomes hard to look in the mirror and say "Fvck I should have listened :mad:

Last thing, If you can't accomplish, make the gains I mentioned natyrally then you don't know how to eat or train properly as needed when cycling .

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if your going to do it anyway, be sure to monitor your blood levels, before, during and after, and dont push the limits.