Pre Cycle Blood Test - RBC Count High + Gyno Prevention


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I'm 28 years old, roughly 6'1 and weigh in at 207 pounds . I havent measured my BF% but will do so in a couple of days (I'd say roughly high teens/20%).
I've been training on and off at the gym and do regular cardio a couple of days a week (30-50 minutes walking/jogging). I've been hitting the gym atleast 3 days a week for the last couple of months, purely doing weight training trying to increase my strength. I've started watching what I eat and will become very strict with dieting. I plan to continue doing cardio while on the cycle.

I'm looking at starting my first cycle which should go like this:

test. enathate 500mg/week, weeks 1-12
*** still deciding whether to throw in deca @ low dosage (not sure exactly how much yet though)
PCT - arimidex & nolvadex

I did a blood test and results for test and free test were in the green (test @ 16.1 nmol/L [8.0-40.0] and free test @ 42.5 pmol/L [20.0-80.0-]). However, my RBC count (6.31) was a little higher than the expected bracket (4.30-6.20). MCV (70 fL) and MCH (24 pg) was a little low below the expected bracket too (80-100 and 27-32). The test did show positive results regarding Cholesterol,HDL,LDL,Cortisol,Iron etc.

Some specific questions I have:
- Should the readings of the results that fail the expected bracket be of a concern during & post cycle...especially the red cell blood count (RBC, MCV, MCH)? If I'm not mistaken, I should expect my blood count to increase while on test...?
- I'm kind of paranoid about the possibility of gyno. A friend has told me to take arimidex (tablet form) every second day during the 12 week cycle. What are the chances of gyno occuring during a "not so heavy" cycle? Is arimidex a 100% gyno/estrogen blocker?

If there is anything else that I've missed let me know and I'll provide the information.